Cultural agenda for this weekend

The Ministry of Culture presents a agenda of activities, for all public and free access, from Friday 12 to Sunday 14 May. Concerts, plays, courses, workshops for children and book presentations are added to the permanent samples and exhibitions offered by the National Museums. Friday May 12 5 pm – Ricardo Rojas House Museum (Charcas … Read more

Weekend in Italia: 20 mete insolite da scoprire da nord a sud

Un antico borgo su un’isola in un lago, un affascinante insediamento arabo, una bianca cittadina del Mediterraneo o un paesino tra le Alpi raggiungibile solo in funivia. Ecco alcune idee per un weekend in borghi e città d’Italia meno noti, meno turistici e assolutamente da scoprire.  Isola di San Giulio, lago d’Orta, Piemonte Tursi, Basilicata … Read more

Shows and activities on the first weekend of the year in Mar del Plata

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday the cultural agenda is packed with shows and activities. (Photo: How digital) The season began with all the splendor and there are those who wonder what can be done in Mar del Plata. Given the number of events, shows and recreational activities, how digital share a list with some of … Read more

Long weekend of Epiphany 2023 in Naples: many events for young and old

A White Night of music and entertainment in the Rione Sanità, Enzo Avitabile in a free concert to close the event Sacred Souththe Befana Village – Stocking and Toy Fair in Piazza Mercato, free admission and shows at Edenlandia, the great Befana festival with workshops and science show in Città della Scienza, the Ferraiolo family … Read more

Melodramas with leading children to enjoy at the weekend

In the film industry, great performances always attract the attention of the press and are highlighted at awards shows. In general we are used to adult actors who stand out for their acting prowess. However, in many cases it is the children who win all eyes for their talent and versatility in front of the … Read more

Assisi drives Umbrian tourism, +35% over the Christmas weekend

Assisi drives Umbrian tourism, +35% over the Christmas weekend Assisi also drives Umbrian tourism during the Christmas holidays, recording record numbers compared to 2019, the year before the pandemic, during the two main weekends in December, with a 35 percent increase in presences on the Christmas weekend, with over 29 thousand visitors, while there were … Read more