Avatar 2 tells a central concept of our century: the Anthropocene

We would have entered the Anthropocene, a geological era where humanity influences the planet. The Avatar franchise is known for its green dimension. How does James Cameron approach the Anthropocene? Gatien Gambin, PhD student in Cultural Studies, explains it in The Conversation. Warning spoilers: the following article presents some elements of the film likely to … Read more

A history of family business spanning over a century: who are the masters of wood, the excellence of Made in Italy

Article taken from the December 2022 issue of Forbes Italia. Subscribe! An entrepreneurial reality capable of representing a beacon in the resolution of the great challenges of the contemporary world. This is the feeling you get when conversing with Andrea Margaritellibrand manager and fourth generation of the founding family of Listone Giordano, excellence of Made … Read more

This is how the first feminists of the twelfth century, known as the Beguines, were and lived

Among In the 11th and 14th centuries, the medieval West experienced a whole series of transformations of a socio-cultural, economic and spiritual nature, becoming an exciting moment in history. [Diotima, la fascinante mujer (¿y amante?) que le enseñó a Sócrates todo lo que supo sobre el amor] Within the field of spirituality, these transformations had … Read more

“Although today it is wrong to say it, Seville was born in the 13th century with San Fernando”

José María Ribas Alba (Seville, 1961), known in the wide world as Pepe Ribas, is, in addition to a recognized scholar of the arduous issues of Roman Law and the history of Christianity, a graduate in Higher Seville Studies. This is attested to by books such as ‘Crítica de larazon sevillana. An essay on the … Read more

Parapsychology and spirituality in the Chile of the 20th century

By Sergio Salinas Canas The interesting thing is that the people who gave him these qualifications were outstanding professionals, doctors, engineers, lawyers, whose work was based on positivism, on that philosophical theory that considers that the only means of knowledge is proven or verified experience through the senses. The family of Jaime Galte narrated that … Read more

TRIESTE: On November 3rd “Sculpture in the collections of the Revoltella Museum. From Canova to the 21st century ”: a great exhibition to celebrate the Museum’s 150th anniversary

Founded in 1872 by the will of Baron Pasquale Revoltella, one of the most representative figures of imperial Trieste, who in his will decided to leave his palace and his vast art collection to the city, the Revoltella Museum is the oldest public gallery in Italy specifically dedicated to modern art. “A building of artistic … Read more


BY Clemence Bouquerod Sep 19, 2022 Tarology, rituals, lithotherapy, numerology… Witchcraft has always been closely linked to spirituality. But with the feminist double meaning that the word “witches” has taken on today, we wondered what became of these women of another gender. Reportage. Lithotherapy – © Sarah Brown The word witch is heavy with meaning. … Read more

God, love and nature, along the roads of the 19th century

Monday 29.8.2022 – Last update – 13:28 On Sunday, in the Paraninfo of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, a new artistic meeting was held, organized by the Argentine Chamber of Construction, Santa Fe Delegation, together with the Santa Fe Choral Company, directed by Pablo Villaverde Urrutia. After several editions under the Opera Gala format, this … Read more