“The colors of the forest” opens the painting event in Roccarainola (Na)

“The colors of the forest” opens the painting event in Roccarainola (Na)

Friday 9 September at 6:00 pm, at the Chapel of the SS. Concezione di Roccarainola the first day “The Colors of the forest” took place, a virtual tour to discover the Roccarainola forest which marked the beginning of the fourth edition of the “I Colori di Roccarainola” event, an impromptu painting in Piazza San Giovanni , organized by the Civic Museum D’Avanzo in collaboration with the Municipality of Roccarainola; Dr. Lucia Napolitano moderated the event.

Thanks to Tommaso Palo and his passion for nature, we got to know (and we seemed to touch) the green lung that embraces Roccarainola. In addition, the municipal administration, through the words of the Mayor Peppe Russo and the Delegate for Culture Giovanni Sirignano, have anticipated projects that will lead, in the short term, to be able to enjoy the forest to an ever greater extent.

The event will continue on Saturday and Sunday, with the participation of twenty-five artists who will participate in the extemporaneous exhibition named after the two great masters, Vincenzo De Simone and Camillo Capolongo.

We interviewed Tommaso Palo who shared with us his wonderful experience, full of spirituality, in contact with the magic of the woods. We invite you to watch the attached video.

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“The colors of the forest” opens the painting event in Roccarainola (Na)