The weekend exhibitions: from Somaini to 18th century Venetian painting. At the Royal Palace of Caserta, history of gardens from the Renaissance to the 19th century

Venetian painting of the 18th century in Trentino and the history of gardens from the Renaissance to the 19th century, and then an excursus into the creative path of Francesco Somaini: these are some of the monsters that are enough for the month of July.
TRENTO – “The colors of the Serenissima. Venetian painting of the eighteenth century in Trentino” is scheduled from 2 July to 23 October at the Castello del Buonconsiglio. Documenting the influence of Venetian art in the Trentino valleys, the exhibition presents 70 works, many of which are large, from European and American museums and collections.
MILAN – In the three locations of the Palazzo Reale, the Museo del Novecento and the Somaini Foundation, “Somaini and Milan” is set up from 1 July to 11 September, curated by Fulvio Irace, Luisa Somaini and Francesco Tedeschi based on a project by Enrico Crispolti. Through numerous works (sculptures, drawings, projects, models, paintings and photographs) the path reconstructs the multifaceted creative research of Francesco Somaini, starting from the formative years and up to the last season, bringing to light the collaboration with the protagonists of culture Milanese contemporaries to him.
BIELLA – At the Sanctuary of Oropa from 2 July to 18 September the personal exhibition of Daniele Basso entitled “The folds of the soul”, curated by Irene Finiguerra. 9 works on display (monumental sculptures in hand-polished mirror steel), to establish a dialogue between contemporary art and spirituality in a path that involves open spaces and other unconventional places.

CASERTA – About 200 works including paintings, drawings, sculptures, herbariums, books and objects of art and contemporary interpretations will tell the history of the garden through the centuries in the exhibition “Fragments of Paradise. Gardens in time at the Royal Palace of Caserta”, set up in the royal residence by the July 1st to October 16th. Curated by Tiziana Maffei, Alberta Campitelli, Alessandro Cremona, the exhibition starting from the complex of the Royal Palace of Caserta connects systems of villas and their gardens that have characterized the peninsula from the Renaissance to the early nineteenth century.

PERUGIA – The National Gallery of Umbria, after a year of work, from 1 July offers its visitors a new exhibition, signed by Daria Ripa di Meana and Bruno Salvatici, with some inserts of works recently acquired or recalled from the deposits. Among the novelties, the creation of two monographic rooms dedicated to the greatest Umbrian master, Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci, known as Perugino, and for the first time of a ‘contemporary’ room, which will host the generation of Umbrian artists such as Gerardo Dottori, Alberto Burri, Leoncillo.

FLORENCE – “Armando Giuffredi Drawings of a sculptor” is the exhibition set up from 1 to 31 July at the Academy of Drawing Arts which for the first time presents to the public a selection of drawings by the Emilian sculptor, medalist and xylographer. Curated by Andrea Bacchi and Roberto Cobianchi, with the help of the artist’s son, Augusto Giuffredi, the exhibition offers about 70 works, including watercolors, pencil and charcoal drawings and preparatory cartoons for all-round sculptures and reliefs, datable above all between the mid-30s and early 50s.

MORESCO (FM) – The exhibition “Shōzō Shimamoto, Yasuo Sumi. On parched fields, dreams go wandering”, curated by Giulia Perugini, at the Tomav Torre Moresco Centro Arti Visive from 3 July to 4 September (in collaboration with Moca Monsano Contemporary Art Feast). In a polyphony of visual and auditory stimuli, to bring together East and West, past and present, the exhibition documents the generative nuclei that nourished all the experiences of Gutai (of which Shōzō Shimamoto and Yasuo Sumi are illustrious exponents) since 1954, the year in which the group took its first steps in the world of art.

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The weekend exhibitions: from Somaini to 18th century Venetian painting. At the Royal Palace of Caserta, history of gardens from the Renaissance to the 19th century