Red, green, purple… What do the colors of the priests’ vestments mean?

in the Church nothing is coincidence and much less in the celebration of the Eucharist. When we attend Holy Mass it is common to realize that the priest does not always wear the same chasuble. In fact, what varies mainly is the color this. The criteria for choosing the color of clothing does not follow … Read more

Cuneo: the exhibition “The colors of faith in Venice: Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese” officially inaugurated (PHOTO)

After the suggestive prelude reserved for the press and institutionsthe exhibition “The colors of faith: Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese” was officially inaugurated in Cuneo, which brings the art of the three great Venetian painters to the city with five altarpieces, for the first time collected in one place at the same time , coming from as … Read more

Three styles for a Christmas, a texture of colors and softness at the sweetest time of the year


Space for white, green, red; but also silver, rigorously brushed. With the most iconic shades of the Christmas period, the home he (re) dresses with Westwing of the hottest atmosphere of the year. And if it is true that the home, by image and feeling, is (also) the identity card of personal taste, the question … Read more

Israel and Jordan: smells, flavors, colors and pains of the East.


From my childhood days I was very close and regularly as a grassroots Christian, in the Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Salamanca. First as a candidate for confirmation, and once successful, as a member of church youth groups run by Don Miguel the priest. Later as a catechist and brother of the groups … Read more

Photographer Lea Colombo waltzes with colors and bodies at 3537


Recognized photographer in the fashion world for several years – Givenchy, Vetements –, Lea Colombo is exhibiting at 3537 until November 3. In this Parisian building in the heart of the Marais, we discover a multidisciplinary work going well beyond photography, from his portraits of South African shamans and self-portraits in vibrant tones printed on … Read more

In Rome all the colors and dramas of Van Gogh: from the self


Vincent van Goghthe artist who has won the coveted post mortem recognition after a tragic existence and this is always a game for the cultural and entertainment industry, from 8 October to 26 March benefits from an exhibition with about forty works in Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome, in Piazza Venezia on the side opposite the … Read more

Mysore: between colors, yoga and beauties of India | Where you travel


And the world mecca of yogisin particular of practitioners ofAshtanga Yoga. IS Mysorethe southern Indian city, in the current state of Karnataka, where is it Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (1888-1989), the father of modern yogaopened his own after years of research, travel and studies Shala. A yoga school, housed in the palace of the Mahārājahis disciple. To … Read more