Conversion of actor Shia LaBeouf: “Let’s stop putting Christian figures on a pedestal”

Born to a Pentecostal father and an Ashkenazi Jewish mother, Shia LaBeouf grew up in Jewish tradition. While playing a Christian in the film Fury, released in 2014, the actor declared at the time to have converted to Christianity. In a recent interview on YouTube granted to Robert Barron, bishop of Winona-Rochester (State of New … Read more

Cristianxs LGBTIQ+: “With the will that fear does not prevent us from putting our light on the table”

After this obligatory break, we were able to meet again at the Franciscan House of Spirituality in our ‘Chipiona Meeting’ with the intention of taking great care of the playful aspect, coexistence and mutual enrichment, and the training activities We were able to reflect on feminism and the challenge for churches to integrate half of … Read more