Austerity when living in a Palace?

For AMLO, only presidential privileges are valid… The achievements of the SCJN are millionaire wastes and an offense to the people * We Mexicans want to see a well-dressed and even elegant President, but his incongruity, lies and deceit disappoint MARCO ANTONIO FLORES *** President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused that the Supreme Court of … Read more

The Black Heritage Choir’s gospel spirituality brings Christmas to the Palace

The Black Heritage Choir pays tribute to Aretha Franklin in their show. / DM The programming of the penultimate week of the year is completed with ‘Diptych on the fall’ on Intimate Wednesday’ Dance and music mark the programming of the Palacio de Festivales in the penultimate week of the year. The last date of … Read more

Immersion in Indian spirituality with Bingo Palace

It is therefore not surprising that any derogation from this ritual is spied on with great attention, recounted at will by all those who were lucky enough to be eyewitnesses – and even others for that matter. … –, commented and interpreted. A hasty departure at the wheel of his “Citation” could not fail to … Read more

Figline and Incisa. From 29 October to 15 January the Praetorium becomes “The Photography Palace”

Not only places and landscapes, but also portraits and a lot of daily life, between work, study, culture, leisure and spirituality, to tell the territory of Figline and Incisa Valdarno through the history of those who live there. These are the images that will soon be possible to admire at the Palazzo Pretorio di Figline … Read more

Merulana Palace. “Conscious heart”, Pier Paolo Pasolini told in the Comics from 26 August to 2 October

ROME – After the success in 2021 of the Women In Comics exhibition, from 26 August to 2 October 2022 Palazzo Merulana returns to pay homage to the Ninth Art, its strength and incisiveness, with Conscious heart – Pier Paolo Pasolini told in the Comics, an extraordinary anthology that, through the language of comics, traces … Read more

The weekend exhibitions: from Somaini to 18th century Venetian painting. At the Royal Palace of Caserta, history of gardens from the Renaissance to the 19th century

Venetian painting of the 18th century in Trentino and the history of gardens from the Renaissance to the 19th century, and then an excursus into the creative path of Francesco Somaini: these are some of the monsters that are enough for the month of July.TRENTO – “The colors of the Serenissima. Venetian painting of the … Read more