The mystery of Caravaggio, in a premiere of the Ballet del Colón

This Sunday, May 28, the Teatro Colón Ballet, directed by Mario Galizzi, will stage the play caravaggio a creation of Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, who originally premiered it in Berlin in 2008. In 2022 Bigonzetti had mounted with the Contemporary Ballet of the Teatro San Martín his Cantataa very beautiful and extremely festive work inspired … Read more

It’s completely gone | Barbara D’Urso marriage mystery: the drama has been going on for 21 years

Thursday 12 January arrives on Rai Uno, in prime time, God help us 7the fiction with Elena Sofia Ricci, in the role of Sister Angela. After 12 years of production and 132 episodes filmed, God help us remains one of Rai’s warhorses, one to focus on and invest in, also thanks to sales abroad. Elena … Read more

5 thrillers to watch if you liked “Daggers in the Back: Mystery of the Glass Onion”.

Daggers in the back: the mystery of the glass onionby Rian Johnson, became one of Netflix’s biggest hits. So much so that it occupies a privileged place among the most watched content in the history of the platform. But the thriller was also a demonstration that a sequel can be as witty and cool as … Read more

Sigourney Weaver’s character is the key to the avatar mystery | Pretty Reel

Sigourney Weaver returns in Avatar: The Way of the Water, now playing Kiri, Jake and Neytiri’s adopted daughter – and she’s key to the whole story. Sigourney Weaver starred as Dr. Grace Augustine in James Cameron’s first Avatar movie, a human scientist who fell in love with the planet Pandora. Grace died trying to protect … Read more

New stories full of mystery return with ‘Inexplicable Latin America’

This October 9, at 9:55 pm, (Colombia time) the second season of Inexplicable Latin America premieres on the channel History. This is a program that presents several episodes in which mysteries and enigmas from different places in this region are addressed, such as those of sorcerers, witches and shamans, cases of ghosts and cursed dolls, … Read more

Bros: a contemporary, sublime and frozen mystery

Tout is enigmatic in this new show by Romeo Castellucci, Broswhose announced theme, “police violence”, triggers a priori various expectations and worries in the mind of the informed viewer. Its title first, in the form of a bark, a half-word (a half brother/a fake brother), a sign of recognition between males proud of their camaraderie … Read more

Bright mystery. The Parsifal. From film to book

Book “Bright mystery. The Parsifal” The Luminous Mystery. The Parsifal by Marco Filibertis the title of the book, edited by Anton Giulio Onofri (De Luca Editori d’Arte, 2022), which tells the genesis of the film Parsifalcinematographic transposition of Wagner’s work, written and directed by Marco Filiberti in 2021. The volume, which makes use of critical … Read more