British actor who climbed in Antarctica disappeared while hiking in California

Popular in the ’80s for playing “Warlock, the wizard”, the 65-year-old artist was one of the great stars of the big screen who visited Magallanes before the madness for Patagonia, Antarctica and social networks. As an anecdote, a Magellanic journalist recounts that in January 1996, getting on the elevator of a Magellanic hotel, he found … Read more

Béla Lugosi, 1930s kitsch actor and gothic icon

A dark outfit, a disturbing look, a tormented soul, a cryptic atmosphere… Béla Lugosi popularized modern Gothic aesthetics. Kitsch actor of the 1930s, adored by Tim Burton, he is the spiritual grandfather of Wednesday Addams, the youngest of the macabre family imagined by Charles Addams in the 1930s. “Somewhere everyone knows him because when you … Read more

“I want challenges.” He is 24 years old, an actor, nephew of one of the most successful singers in Argentina and triumphant in Colombia.

Julian Cerati He was born into a family where art is breathed. But, unlike his uncle and godfather, Gustavo Cerati, and his cousin Benito, this 24-year-old – with features similar to the star musician – leaned towards acting. “When I act I feel tremendous fulfillment. And the more complex the role, the more passionate I … Read more

Pierfrancesco Favino, actor in “Nostalgia”: “The idea of ​​aging interests me, it’s exciting to see where time takes us”

Nostalgia tells of Felice’s return to Naples. How did you prepare for this role? The starting point of the film is a novel by writer Ermanno Rea. He was an important guide even if Mario Martone, the director, and Ippolita Di Majo, the screenwriter, made a lot of changes. We had the chance to talk … Read more

Troy Kotsur: «Me, the first deaf actor nominated for an Oscar. The nomination? like an honorary degree

Of Stefania Ulivi For his role in «The signs of the heart – CODA» he has already collected awards. “Technology has improved the lives of deaf people so much. This film will be important “There nominations? It’s like I’ve received one honorary degree career after so much hard work. Waiting to understand how the evening … Read more

Cameron Diaz regresará a la actuación después de 8 años: solo un actor lo pudo hacer posible

Entre los 90 y 2000, Cameron Diaz se convirtió en una de las actrices favoritas de Hollywood. Sin embargo, de un momento a otro y sin anuncio previo, su nombre dejó de aparecer en las carteleras de cine. De hecho, la última película que realizó fue ‘Annie’, un musical del 2014 que reimaginó la clásica … Read more

Will Smith: after his slap to Chris Rock, the actor is undergoing therapy

Author of a slap on Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, whose images have gone around the world, Will Smith is in turmoil. So much so that the American actor is currently undergoing therapy to try to restore his image. Will Smith continues to spill ink. More than a month after … Read more

Ezra Miller, actor of ‘The Flash’, accused of breaking into a house and stealing alcohol

Ezra Miller adds another crime to his long list. The actor, who plays The Flash in the DC universe movies, has been reported for breaking into a house. According to the police report, collected by the magazine Variety, Vermont State Police (USA) were notified of a reported burglary at a residence at 5:55 p.m. local … Read more

Eugenio Masciari, the actor and director who interprets life as an illusion

When I was asked to interview him, I could imagine everything, except the meeting with the actor, director and screenwriter from Catanzaro Eugene Masciari become a valuable experience for me. Born in 1949, black beret on head, red taffeta scarf around neck; an artistic allure connoted by something we would never think of finding in … Read more