Fernán Quirós, en La entrevista informal: “Cristina Kirchner y Javier Milei tienen puntos en común”

La Entrevista Informal – Fernán Quirós El ministro de Salud y precandidato a jefe de gobierno porteño, Fernán Quirós, llegó puntual para grabar. Habían pasado pocos minutos de estar frente a las cámaras de un canal de televisión y ya estaba listo para participar de La Entrevista Informal, el ciclo de Infobae que busca conectar … Read more

Interview | Cristina Potters, or how to extol the treasure of simple things

Rita Girones Passion and heart rule here. A Mexican citizen for 20 years, by right and conviction, Cristina was born in Chicago, but she has now lived in Mexico for 41 years. Her extraordinary charm for recounting experiences, dishes and artisan hands, makes her a natural anthropologist. She has been publishing a weekly report on … Read more

The Pope praises the exemplary nature of Isabel Cristina Mrad Campos

In Barbacena, in the Brazilian Archdiocese of Mariana, Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis beatified Isabel Cristina Mrad Campos, a young woman murdered in 1982 because of her faith, by a man who tried to abuse her. “May his heroic example inspire young people in particular to give generous witness to their faith and their adherence to … Read more

Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega sent a letter of solidarity to Cristina Kirchner after the conviction for corruption

Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega The Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega; and his wife Rosario Murilloexpressed their solidarity with the vice president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, after being sentenced to six years in prison for corruption. Through a brief letter, they expressed their support for Argentine politics. “Cristina, Compañera: to you, with admiration, respect and affection, … Read more

A passage, 4 trips and several transformations | Sample of Jorge Pietra, Cristina Caronni, Mushu and Outsider

In the Pasaje 865 gallery, the group exhibition “Cuatro viajes” is exhibited, in which Jorge Pietra, Cristina Caronni, Mushu and Outsider expand the senses of travel in literal and metaphorical terms. Page 12 visited the exhibition together with the first two artists. Jorge Pietra shows paintings and a sculpture. “This sculpture -says the artist- is … Read more

Cristina Inogés: “The great change of the Synod will come through small and personal daily changes”

Are there excluded within the Church? for the theologian Cristina Inogés, member of the Theological Commission of the Synod, “Of course it is”, since “not all the excluded are systematically on the margin, the periphery, or the border”. This was expressed today at the opening of the course on Christianity and Justice, in which he … Read more

Peppe Servillo, Ambrogio Sparagna and Cristina Donadio start the conclusion of “Animaverso 2022”

Advertisement The appointments scheduled for October between Conca Dei Marini, Scala and Tramonti, on the occasion of the fifth edition of “Animaverso”, are various and varied. On 1 October in Conca Dei Marini in Campo San Pancrazio we start again with the show “La Festa degli Ulivi” by Carlo Faiello. On 8 October there are … Read more

Oscar Parrilli did not rule out a dialogue between Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri | “He never set a limit,” stressed the senator

Senator Oscar Parrilli today considered it necessary “to return to the path of dialogue.” In this framework, he assured that the vice president Cristina Kirchner proposes “leaving grievances aside” between leaders and He did not rule out that he dialogue with Mauricio Macri. “Christina states that it is necessary to put aside the grievances between … Read more