Concern for the state of health of Father Apeles: “I am fading little by little”

Who does not remember Father Apelles? The religious man was one of the most controversial characters on television in the past, although he ended up retiring from the dishes to have a quieter life in Rome. Even so, he visits Barcelona with some frequency to participate in a television program that is going to be … Read more

The kidnapping of Moro and the letter to Riccardo Misasi: “My father offered himself in exchange as a prisoner” | Calabria7

by Vincenzo Speziali – Riccardo Misasi is the enlightened among all Christian Democrats. Yes, he was a concentrate of humanity, wisdom, culture, spirituality and oratory. Yes, he was, without a doubt, the greatest orator that our Party – and even that of his other colleagues – there was in the contemporary time. Aldo Moro (Moro, … Read more

Father Giovanni Puggioni will rise to the honor of the altars

He was a point of reference for thousands of young Sardinians who had found a spiritual beacon in him. Those were certainly different times for the Church of Cagliari. Times in which the structure of the Jesuits of San Michele, in Cagliari, was the scene of crowded sung masses. Electric and acoustic guitars, bass and … Read more

Criticism | Review of ‘The Miracle of Father Stu’

The reviews of Daniel Farriol:The Miracle of Father Stu The miracle of Father Stu (Father Stu) is an American drama written and directed by rosalind ross that tells a true story about Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption. It stars Mark Wahlberg (Spenser: Classified, Oil Slick), … Read more

The father of Monsignor Orlando Olave Villanoba dies | Episcopal Conference of Colombia

Sat 7 Jan 2023 “Creating and strengthening networks, a challenge in evangelization”: Bishop Luis Manuel Alí “The Catholic Church in Colombia, at the national and local level, is experiencing a moment of grace, review and projection, in light of Pope Francis’ call to be a Church in communion, participation and mission”, highlighted Monsignor Luis Manuel … Read more

Father Lombardi: “Ratzinger will inspire the Church of the future” | CultureIdentity

Talk with Father Federico Lombardi, the Jesuit at the service of three Popes – John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis – is an experience that enlightens the heart and the mind. The man of “Vatican communication”, today president of the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation, outlines the figure of Pope Ratzingerwho in all his … Read more

‘Fruits of holiness of Passionist spiritual direction’, Book by Father Antonio Curto

It will be presented tonight January 3, at 19, in the church of the Passionist Fathers a Novolithe book of Passionist Father Antonio Curto entitled “Fruits of sanctity of Passionist spiritual direction” (Editrice Salentina, 448 pages). The presentation is entrusted to Cesare Pradadirector of the Ministerio Hispano Institute of Passionist Spirituality «Holy Name Retreat Center» … Read more

Father Flavio Roberto Carraro, bishop, general minister of the Capuchins and spiritual son of Padre Pio has died

Born in Sandon of Fosso (VE) on 3 February 1932, Flavio entered the novitiate house of the Capuchin friars minor in the province of Venice in 1948 and wears the religious habit on August 14, 1948. He made his perpetual profession on 25 March 1953. He was ordained a priest on 16 March 1957 by … Read more

Father Jonas Abib, the founder of Cançao Nova, dies; Bolsonaro decrees a day of mourning in Brazil

Has died in Brazil, the night of Monday, December 12, the priest Jonas Abib, 85, founder of the charismatic community cancao nova (Canción Nueva), a very influential community through its preachers, spaces for retreats and meetings, and the media. Millions of people in Brazil have read his books on spirituality, What “The Bible was written … Read more