“Le Lycéen” by Christophe Honoré: a film about mourning and chaos

The High School Student ** by Christophe Honoré French film, 2 h 02 You’re not serious when you’re 17, said Arthur Rimbaud. But how to be so when, at this tormented age, you suddenly lose your father? Lucas confesses it in front of the camera: he feels bad about himself. His life is “a wild … Read more

De profundis ascendam, rethinking mourning


This winter, the abbey of Maubuisson, a former royal necropolis located northwest of Paris, is interested in the difficult subject of mourning. Through an approach that is at once archaeological, ethnological and artistic, the exhibition De profundis ascendam reconnects the living and their dead. From the royal abbey founded in 1236 by Blanche of Castile, … Read more

Suggestions to close the mourning for the death of a loved one | Puebla Municipalities | News from the interior of Puebla


With regard to the popular celebrations of All Saints and the Day of the Dead, and even more so with so many people deceased due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is worth reading some reflections based on Thanatology. As is known, Thanatology is a scientific discipline that is responsible for finding meaning in the process … Read more

Mourning in Italian music: the poignant greeting on social networks of a famous artist


A well-known Roman rapper posted a touching post on Instagram to announce the death of his older brother. Various fans, along with prominent names in the world of national hip hop and famous personalities of the Italian music scene, gather around him. He was called Fabio and he was fifty-nine years old. And he was … Read more