A great example, father Nieto

A great example, father Nieto

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I look at Father Nieto as a wonderful example; but God does not want us all like this. If he loved us like this, he would give us those graces and that strength that he gave him. God when he made Grandson broke the molds. But there is his testimony. I cry inside when I pick up that book. A huge desire for God enters me. Increase my faith, my hope, my desire for love, delivery, poverty. I know: I cannot imitate his life. But I do crave the spirit of him. He moves me and moves me. And this happened to them and continues to happen to most of those who dealt with him alive or after death, through his works. For me reading this book has been one of the great current graces of my life. The spirit of Father Nieto bewitches, electrifies. In general, hagiographies tend to do me a lot of good. But this one from Nieto, a man of our days, touches my soul. Before, I had heard my colleagues from Comillas ponder it a lot. I read these pages at the beginning of 1989. Afterwards, from time to time I return to that reading and dedicate fifteen days to meditating on the highlights of this man. I am always filled with interior shame or humility when I see myself in comparison to him so ungenerous with the Lord. And I feel a strong compunction of heart, deep sorrow for my sins and a fervent desire to better serve God and my neighbors.

I recommend reading this book. I think it can do you great good. Some say: this spirituality cannot be admitted today. It is impossible to imitate him in everything, but his spirituality is one of the healthiest in the history of the Church. And above all, he subjugates his faith to tons, his total love for God and all his brothers. The continuous desire of him to fulfill the will of God to the fullest. What exaggerates in his penances? Total love for Christ led him down those paths. And if you can’t imitate him, at least admire him and go a little more along the rough paths of asceticism, sometimes so forgotten.

It fills me with spiritual enthusiasm to increase the love of God in my life. I am convinced: if I practice five minutes of prayer every day, my love for God will grow a little. If I prepare my communions better, I will go up in love. If I dedicate hours to my deal with God, everything will go very well. I am convinced: if we faithfully practice half an hour of daily mental prayer, our love for God will greatly increase.

Father Nieto was on fire with love for God, because he prayed a lot: that is where all love springs from. That is why when a priest or a nun abandons mental prayer, he languishes all his life; they even lose their religious identity.

Sometimes I think: I have wasted my life, because I have read a lot, I have studied and… many more things. But I have spent too few hours in prayer. Now I want to make up for it. I want to love God more. That is the reason of my life. The rest will come in addition, including dedicating myself fully to others. Love of neighbor will spring from prayer. By force! Praying is the best way to prepare myself for everything. That and some voluntary sacrifices.

Jose Maria Lorenzo Amelibia

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A great example, father Nieto