Concern for the state of health of Father Apeles: “I am fading little by little”

Who does not remember Father Apelles? The religious man was one of the most controversial characters on television in the past, although he ended up retiring from the dishes to have a quieter life in Rome. Even so, he visits Barcelona with some frequency to participate in a television program that is going to be released soon. However, there is some concern about his state of health, especially after the statements that La Razón collected on the occasion of the program’s premiere: “I am fading little by little.”

Father Apeles became known for his participation in television programs and his peculiar personality, which made him a phenomenon of popular culture in Spain. From a young age, Father Apeles felt a religious vocation and decided to enter the seminary to become a priest. He was ordained in 1966 and began his pastoral work in different parishes in Spain. However, it was in the field of television where he found fame and recognition.

Father Apelles sand became popular in the 1990s, when he began appearing regularly on entertainment and variety shows on Spanish television. His quirky personality and peculiar sense of humor made him a beloved character and followed by the public.

Your way of dressing became his hallmark. In addition, her colloquial language and her funny occurrences made her win the affection of the audience. Her interventions in the programs were always expected and generated laughter and good humor.

Father Apeles not only stood out for his participation in television programs, but also ventured into other areas of the show. He participated in plays and radio programs, thus expanding his presence in the media. Additionally, she published several books in which she shared reflections on life and spirituality.

Despite his popularity in the entertainment arena, Father Apelles never abandoned his work as a priest. He continued to exercise his ministry in different parishes and maintained a commitment to the faith and the community. His ability to connect with people and transmit messages of hope and love made him a reference for many.

Throughout his career, Father Apeles He received various recognitions and awards for his contribution to the world of television and his pastoral work. His charisma and his ability to convey positive values ​​and joy made him an example of faith and enthusiasm for many people.

Although Father Apelles has kept a lower profile in recent years, his legacy in the world of entertainment and spirituality lives on. His unique style and way of conveying positive messages continue to be remembered by those who enjoyed his appearances on television.


And now he returns to television, although the program he is recording can only be viewed in Catalonia. On the occasion of the premiere, Father Apeles made some worrying statements to La Razón where he assures that “I read, I walk, I am in the archives, I go to cultural events…” He also assured that “I am practically retired, my memory fails me, it is hard for me to sleep , get out of bed, come on, I’m fading little by little. I forget names, I have a hard time concentrating and remembering things.”

Concern for the state of health of Father Apeles: “I am fading little by little”