Cheapest countries in the world: 15 countries to live on €20 a day!

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Can a Christian celebrate Mother’s Day? – Protestant looks

A troublesome past I know very well that this holiday has nothing to do with Christianity. It dates from 1906 and was reactivated by the Vichy regime to exalt the mothers of large families, pillars of the Nation. But, despite this heavy past, if this celebration continues, it is because it corresponds to a deep … Read more

National day of fasting and prayers: In Dédougou, we prayed that the weapons would be silent forever

The customary and religious people of the city of Dédougou, capital of the Boucle du Mouhoun region, responded to the call of the highest authorities, inviting actions of prayer and fasting for the return of peace to the Burkina Faso, this Saturday, May 20, 2023. They met in the governorate of Dédougou to break the … Read more

Spirituality of the day: What has us so downcast?

Swe hear women and men with their heads down around us. The hauntings that harass them make their faces look too sad. The attitude and discouragement are noticeable at all times. The truth is that daily problems, economic crises, emotional issues and, in general, the restlessness that everyday life brings them often generate ‘a thousand … Read more

Died Saturday, Daniel Lévi is buried this Sunday: why the funeral takes place the next day?

The funeral of the singer must take place at the Jewish cemetery Saint-Pierre in Marseille, this Sunday, at 2:30 p.m. The singer had colon cancer, a disease he made public in 2019. Photo Bertrand GUAY / AFP Published: August 7, 2022 at 2:01 p.m. Reading time: 3 mins Singer Daniel Levi, known for his role … Read more

Bernice King: Martin Luther King Day, push to transform unjust systems

Daughter of human rights activist assassinated in ’68 calls on Americans to unite as a community to transform systems that perpetuate inequity: Religious leaders like Pope Francis can offer a positive message to promote non-violence Devin Watkins – Vatican City “Texting is so important. The messages of non-violence, peace and compassion conveyed by Pope Francis … Read more

Duclós: “India is not eating more spice or praying more times a day, it is another conception of life”

Journalistan and a trip to the heart of India. / Press photo. In line with his previous book in which he traveled the Silk Road, the Argentine journalist Fernando Duclós, known on social networks as Periodistán, has just launched his book “A trip to India of flesh and blood”, where he displays his impressions and … Read more