The Chant: the actors reveal themselves in video

Prime matter and Brass Token unveiled an all-new trailer dedicated to the psychology and depth of the diverse and complex characters of The Song.

In this video, find out why each of them came to Glory Island to participate in the Prismatic Spiritual Retreat. Learn how their minds work and how deep darkness runs deep within them and accompany them on their terrifying journey. Moreover, the actors who embody them, reveal for the first time what they felt in bringing these characters to life.

Jessica Briar, played by siobhan williamsgoes to Glory Island to take part in a spiritual retreat, following the request of her friend Kim Mallari (played by Kira Clavell). Jess is delighted to take a few days off from the city, from her stressful life, as well as from her career.

Being curious by nature and ready to try new experiences, she is ready to work on herself about a traumatic event that took place during her adolescence and which she shares with Kim. However, she is unaware that she will be forced to think in new ways in order to survive the horrors that await her.

What’s happening on Glory Island…

Since the first time she heard of Tyler Anton (played by Adam Millard), Kim was waiting for only one thing: to participate in this spiritual retreat. Since then, she has become Tyler’s student and she feels more alive than ever. She is very grateful to him because he allowed and encouraged her to invite Jess. But is he really the strong, spiritual leader and healer he claims to be?

About Tyler, the island is a legacy from his troubled mother. Now he is ready to welcome a small group of disciples on their transformational journey into the heart of the science of prisms. It’s time for him to leave his mark on the world and maybe even on the cosmos.

Hannah Wilson (played by Emily Tennant) is excited to welcome participants to this spiritual retreat. She’s spent the last few months as Tyler’s right-hand man and she’s never felt more like she belongs.

Maya Kalani (voiced by Nicole Anthony) is on the island because she believes this spiritual retreat is the first step to facing her past and thus healing from her wounds. She met Tyler, who knew how to see her hidden pain and thus welcomed her by his side. She has an exceptional character and spirit.

Since meeting Tyler, Sonny Sonti (Praneet Akilla) decided to focus his energy (and some of his family wealth) on promoting the science of prisms. This is his chance to finally find greater meaning in his life and leave behind broken promises and self-destruction.

Many characters with their own reasons for coming to this island are brought together. This spiritual retreat is an interconnected journey that will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each of Glory Island’s visitors.

The Song is expected next fall on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and computer.

The Chant: the actors reveal themselves in video