[VIDÉO] Jeff Angelo, Péi artist: “Getting rich in everyone’s beliefs”

Jeff Angelo is a painter from Réunion. It is currently exhibited in an ephemeral room, behind the Espace Psynergie, on the seafront of Saint-Paul. And this, until January 29th.

It was after several trips and years of spirituality and meditation that Jeff Angelo began to paint his vision of the world. Without real limits, the artist Péi produces large format canvases that can reach 2m in length and often take months to complete. His work, he calls it ” universal and borderless“.

On the seafront of Saint-Paul, its exhibition has been extended until January 29. When you enter the ephemeral room behind the Espace Psynergie, you dive directly into the artist’s universe. Obligation to take off your shoes to enter, a hovering musical pad in the background. Jeff Angelo is also present, “to interact with the spectatorsand guide them through this rich and diverse exhibition.

melting earth

Indian, Hindu, Egyptian, cosmic, astrological, the references and inspirations of the Péi artist go beyond all borders. Rich in his travels in more than twenty countries“, around the world – in Thailand, Quebec, Madagascar and other European countries – it is indeed here, in his native island that Jeff Angelo produced most of his work: ” Reunion is a land of fusion and multiculturalism, extremely enriching and inspiring“.

From this fusion, he creates something abundant and generous. As he explains, “we are in a time when the Earth is opening up to other universes, to other planets, to other galaxies, far beyond its own cocoon“. Thus, Jeff Angelo presents an almost esoteric artistic universe where meditation is at the heart of reflections “when we ask ourselves questions, meditation brings answers. The abundance of life is present and this is where we notice that everything around us merges, are sacred and palpable geometries, this is what fascinates me“.

(photo BC)

Abundant nature

Young man of 34, full of hope, Jeff Angelo sends a message of love to his spectators: “These works, the fact that they are so open to the world, is a message that says that we must love each other in our differences instead of confronting each other. We must enrich each other’s beliefs“. And for the latter, Reunion is the perfect place, because mixed, with an abundant nature“.

Trained as an architect, these paintings with perfect geometry are of rare precision, Serene, they seem to be an invitation to spirituality, where everything is there, logically arranged, where nothing is missing. And for the péi artist, it is by titillating ourselves in our entrenchments that we draw our energy, because it is at this moment that we can reach our emotions in depth“. And emotions are indeed present in the paintings of Jeff Angelo.

[VIDÉO] Jeff Angelo, Péi artist: “Getting rich in everyone’s beliefs” – Le Quotidien de la Réunion