Tonight on Netflix: the series that proves that in the Middle Ages, Europe was worse than Game of Thrones

This nugget of the small screen plunges you into a distant and extraordinary past when glory and gore went hand in hand: we named “Vikings”, the heroic, the aesthetic, the absolutely epic. Our story begins in the 8th century in a small Scandinavian village called Kattegat where lives Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer … Read more

A sequel planned for one of the greatest successes adapted from a video game?

On the occasion of the broadcast of Sonic the film on TFX, we invite you to take stock of the saga at the cinema. After a second opus released in theaters in March 2022, is a 3rd film planned? We have the answer! In February 2020, Sonic the Movie landed on screens, achieving great success. … Read more

10 Underrated Female Characters In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Who Deserved More

The hit TV show game of thrones is known for its large cast, which includes a significant number of female characters. Not all of them had powerful roles like the Queen of Dragons, Daenerys, the slayer of the Night King, Arya, or the brave knight, Brienne, or the witty sensitive Sansa, but their roles contributed … Read more

Hades 2, Judas, Death Stranding 2,…: all the games announced at the Game Awards

The Game Awards have, like every year, been the opportunity to discover several new very big games, including Hades 2, Death Stranding 2 or Judas, the new game from the creator of BioShock. Company of Heroes 3 is coming to consoles Strategy game lovers will be able to discover in 2023 one of the best … Read more

10 Actors You Didn’t Know Voiced Video Game Characters | Pretty Reel

God of War: Ragnarok has just been released to overwhelming universal acclaim, and TIME Magazine has already rated it as one of the best games of 2022. The game’s mechanics and story are so immersive, and it’s also perfectly voiced , because Christopher Judge plays Kratos . But Judge didn’t start out in voice work, … Read more

The Game Awards 2022, Elden Ring vincerà il GOTY 2022?

La fatidica notte dei The Game Awards si sta avvicinando sempre di più e tra la lista dei nominati al miglior gioco dell’anno svettano due importantissimi nomi: Elden Ring e God of War Ragnarok. Il GOTY 2022 è una battaglia tra questi due colossi, due giochi di un’enorme qualità e che rappresentano l’eccellenza di quest’anno. … Read more

New Tales from the Borderlands TEST: the worst Borderlands game to date?

Eight years ago, Telltale achieved a tour de force by brilliantly transforming a shooter / looter into a narrative adventure game that had allowed it to dust off a formula that we thought was coming to an end. Tales from the Borderlands was so powerful that it became part of the main storyline of the … Read more

Before Resident Evil, there was Sweet Home, the NES horror RPG game

Game news Before Resident Evil, there was Sweet Home, the NES horror RPG game Published on 29/10/2022 at 09:35 A mansion lost in the middle of a forest, a team of five people come to unlock the secrets of the gloomy building, narrow corridors, deadly traps, monstrous creatures that haunt the place… does that remind … Read more

What type of video game is right for you?

The internet is super generous with the choices it offers us users. Anyone can be confused by the number of options and ultimately not choose at all. Speaking of video games, it seems that you can find every genre imaginable: many multipliers, shooters, action and survival adventures, simulations and role-playing games, casino-style games such as … Read more