Jago stars in Amazon’s Artist Room. The interview

MILAN – The November 22nd 2022 has opened the doors, at the Remittance of Flowers in Milanin the heart of Brera, Amazon Black Friday Gallery, a pop-up space which, in addition to accompany customers with suggestions for the Black Friday and the Christmas 2022, offers an unprecedented and evocative immersive space: there Artist’s roomwhich sees … Read more

Meet Laura Tezoco, a Nahua artist who creates, expresses and highlights culture

Córdoba, Ver.- A girl who never saw limits and learned with the culture of effort to see life from other eyes, today she dreams of building great things and on that path she has already left her mark, his particular style has been reflected in some murals in the region where his art refers to … Read more

David LaChapelle in Milan, exhibition of the pop culture artist


“I am interested in communication, in telling stories, especially in connecting with other people. I don’t consider the work finished until the viewer connects with the image and understands the story I am trying to tell. I try to take photographs that are comunderstandable. I’m not interested in abstract art, but stories that can be … Read more

A Colombian artist claims in Uruguay the beauty of science


The lines move on the white background, collide, disperse and rebuild. The periodicity of time and space in a light projection. The video installation is titled Composition and the artist, Andres Ramirez Gaviria, walks among groups of young people from Montevideo. Originally the work is 11 and a half meters long, the equivalent of 15 … Read more

Spotify unravels the cover of ‘La Emperatriz’ by Rigoberta Bandini in an audio guide commented by the artist herself


MADRID, 11 (EUROPE PRESS) ‘La Emperatriz’, Rigoberta Bandini’s first album, includes twelve tracks covered by a cover loaded with artistic connotations with the image of the artist herself as the epicenter, an artistic work by Pedro de Madrazo that serves both to emphasize ideas and to launch hidden messages . With the aim of “listening … Read more

“Unforgettable and unforgettable artist”, Siedas pays homage to Giuni Russo with a lifetime achievement award


“Unforgettable and unforgettable artist”, this is the dedication imprinted on the Lifetime Achievement Award in memory of Giuni Russo who last night, in the Sala Mattarella of Palazzo dei Normanni, the Italian Society of Arts and Entertainment Law Experts (Siedas) wished to deliver for remember the artist from Palermo who died prematurely 18 years ago, … Read more

His work was exhibited in the Vatican. Enjoy the sculptures of this artist in Miami for free


“Pareja”, by the master sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia, is exhibited at the Maurice A. Ferré Park on the occasion of “A bridge of light”, a free outdoor exhibition. amanda rose It’s not every day that you can see amazing bronze and marble sculptures made by a master whose work has been recognized by the Vatican. … Read more

The art of sublimating evil according to artist Yang Jiechang | Knowledge of the Arts


“You can see the world in a single drop of ink”, likes to say the Chinese artist Yang Jiechang. Vast, bright, his Parisian studio reflects this openness to the world. Much more than a workspace, it is a place of life, meditation, experimentation. A link between Paris and Foshan, in the province of Canton, where … Read more

Mourning in Italian music: the poignant greeting on social networks of a famous artist


A well-known Roman rapper posted a touching post on Instagram to announce the death of his older brother. Various fans, along with prominent names in the world of national hip hop and famous personalities of the Italian music scene, gather around him. He was called Fabio and he was fifty-nine years old. And he was … Read more