The assassination of Chávez is in progress, the gringo in Petropiar confirms it

The assassination of the Commander was not a loose piece, on the contrary, it is part of a long-term plan designed by a team of specialists, scientists, political scientists, psychologists, and even psychics, who report to the highest levels of the gringo government. Participants in the plan have various grades. In the first degree there … Read more

On July 1st, take part in the evening “A miracle for Madagascar” and amplify the spiritual awakening in progress

The Malagasy population is rooted in spirituality. For better or for worse, faith is part of the Malagasy identity. Half of the population remains rooted in traditional beliefs steeped in practices close to occultism, in which the living and the dead live side by side on a daily basis. These practices have tended to hamper … Read more

The deception of the idea of ​​progress

Not always what is “more” or comes after is better, as the dominant thought would have us believe. The ideological and moral surrender of the left “It’s progress! It cannot be stopped! ». This is the hallucinating, silly, decerebrated, commonplace that from Positivism onwards, therefore for about 150 years, has been pronounced by ordinary people, … Read more