Gema recounts how, after a suicide attempt, she rediscovered spirituality

During his passage through the The Box Challenge 2023 , Gem was characterized by its way of dealing with each of the needs and problems that were generated in the City of Boxes, both in the competition and in the coexistence and lifestyle of the participants, since he made spirituality his banner and the motto … Read more

End of life: what religions say about suicide (assisted or not)

A patient with an incurable form of cancer holds the hand of her companion, in Pont-à-Mousson (Meurthe-et-Moselle), June 1, 2018. JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN / AFP “There is only one really serious philosophical problem: it is suicide. To judge that life is or is not worth living is to answer the fundamental question of philosophy. claimed Albert … Read more

Federico Goglio (Sköll): “Mishima was very upset at the idea of ​​committing suicide” [Interview]

“ All around him, in vastness and disorder, stretched the country for which he suffered. He was going togive his life. But this great country, which he was ready to challenge to the point of destroying himself, would he even pay attention to his death? He didn’t know; and too bad. Hewas dying on a battlefield withoutglory, … Read more

Miriam Toews: “If I could go back, I would help my sister commit suicide”

Every time her book is published in a new language, Miriam Toews has to relive it all. She says that she doesn’t care, that she gives him relief, even if it’s not always easy. The promotion of the delicious “Little Unimportant Misfortunes” (Sixth floor) reopens the wounds from her sister’s suicide in 2010, but the … Read more

Ashley Judd talks about the sad suicide of her mother

The actress has become an activist against those who disqualify people for their physical appearance, and has become an activist who encourages Overweight people. But she is pursued by bad luck, because after the suicide of her mother, she suffered a broken leg. Now, she has spoken about all these matters in an online conversation, … Read more

Shia LaBeouf Responds to Olivia Wilde and Reveals He Thought About Suicide While Crossing the Desert

The actor wasn’t doing well at all when she cast him for Don’t Worry Darling. But he refutes his dismissal from the film, explaining that it was he who left the project. A few days before its cinema release, Olivia Wilde finally explained why she no longer wanted to collaborate with Shia Labeouf on Don’t … Read more

Du suicide en toute liberté

La mort est assurément le seul dernier grand tabou de notre société. Et, au cœur même de ce tabou, le suicide – objet de répulsion et, en même temps, de fascination… Sujet passionnant au demeurant, qui nous interpelle tous – et pas seulement les sociologues, psychologues ou autres ethnologues… Action de « l’homme contre lui-même … Read more

Why do young people commit suicide?

Campaign early detection of depression and suicide prevention at home “protective families happy families” The increase in depression and child and adolescent suicides is increasing and it is up to the whole society to assume an active role. Here are some reflections on the matter to be life-saving actors in our lives. The absence of … Read more

After the suicide of François de Foucauld, questions about the malaise of priests

His name was François de Foucauld, like the saint – his great-grand cousin. He would have turned 50 a few days later and had been a priest for 18 years in the diocese of Versailles. This Friday, July 8, his funeral will be celebrated at 3 p.m. at the church of Vésinet, about twenty kilometers … Read more

He became a Protestant, he was a soldier on a nuclear submarine, his wife committed suicide… and now he will be a priest

James Bors He entered the seminary in Baltimore (USA) in 2015, at the age of 53. He looked around at his companions seminarians, who were the same age as their children in their twenties. Would he, who had held such odd jobs and traveled so much, adjust to seminary life? He soon realized that he … Read more