Wokism and transhumanism, two ideologies that go hand in hand

Wokism is the news tendency fashionable within the western left. Authors like Jean-François Braunstein1 do not hesitate to consider this movement as a religion, with its beliefs and dogmas. At the heart of these is gender theory, which denies the biological significance of the sexes. According to the proponents of this theory, gender identity (being … Read more

“To watch with tissues in hand”: do not miss this film that moved Netflix subscribers

Some productions don’t deserve a ton of promotion to arouse the curiosity of Netflix subscribers. Whereas The Gray Man gets trashed on Twitter, despite its five-star cast and $200 million production, Dani de la Torre’s comedy-drama is receiving praise from netizens. Released on July 18 on the catalog, Live is Life is a magnificent initiation … Read more

“A moon tattooed on the left hand”, by Rodolphe Barry: in search of Sam Shepard, the real one

A moon tattoo on the left hand by Rodolphe Barry Finitude, 322 p., €22 A mythical image halos the memory of Sam Shepard. It’s from the movie The stuff of heroes where the actor plays Chuck Yeager, daredevil test pilot and future astronaut, who has just crashed after breaking the sound barrier. Though he is … Read more

San Luigi Gonzaga: this is why he is depicted with a lily in his hand

St. Luigi GonzagaJesuit religious and martyr of charity Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantua), 9/03/1568 – Rome, 21/06/1591. He is the first of eight children of FerranteMarquis of Castiglione delle Stiviere e therefore heir to the title. He is educated by his father in military life: at the age of 4 he has a mini breastplate with … Read more