Sister Veronika was a Protestant. The thirst for the Eucharist, the Virgin and the prayer of the rosary guided his conversion

On her way, between lights and shadows, she has tasted the joy and certainty that God has everything in his hands. The Liturgy of the Hours, the prayer of the Rosary, the Holy Mass and the work as an educator are part of her daily life. But this was not always the case, because Sister … Read more

Idealism in a Reality | Apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Most of us Catholics have known about the apparitions of our Virgin of Guadalupe, almost 500 years ago, which year after year we remember and celebrate with all our fervent devotion, grateful for having been chosen by her, as Mexicans, to having her as our dear Mother, which represents our strength of religious faith and … Read more

“The powerful want to snatch the Virgin of Guadalupe from the people”

#MediaAlliance This December 12, thousands of Catholic parishioners venerated the Virgin of Guadalupe, a popular tradition that has its roots in indigenous peoples and that, essentially, belongs to the people, explains researcher Gerardo Bohórquez in an interview. Text: Alejandro Ruiz / Footer Photos: Isabel Briseño and Alejandro Ruiz Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols … Read more

Five reasons for devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexicans

MEXICO CITY – For centuries, when December arrives, there has been a feeling that unites Mexicans in the country and abroad, which includes those who profess different faiths or even those who recognize themselves as non-believers: love for the Virgin of Guadalupe . Known as the “Patroness of America”, the faith inspired by the “Morenita … Read more

This project saves marriages by the hand of the Virgin Mary

The Conjugal Love Project, which proposes living a path of spirituality in marriage, landed in Argentina, where it held retreats in Mendoza and Buenos Aires. With a recognized trajectory “saving marriages”, the Project, which emerged in 2016 in Spain at the hands of José Luis Gadea and Magüi Gálvez, offered in Argentina the retreats “The … Read more

Gad Elmaleh, Ibrahim Maalouf and the Virgin Mary

The first evening of the release of Rest a little, the public is at the rendezvous. If many people came “because it’s Gad Elmaleh”, others are more sensitive to the scenario. Their curiosity may have been aroused by the controversy on social networks, where some members of the Jewish community strongly criticized the director and … Read more

The admirable Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Castelmonte

The devotion to the Blessed Virgin of Castelmonte between legend and history by Francesca Morselli The first spiritual retreat of Alleanza Cattolica del Friuli Venezia Giulia took place on 19 November in a place rich in history, charm and spirituality: the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Castelmonte (Udine). The sanctuary stands on top of … Read more

Feast of the Virgin: Los Valles, a journey of spirituality to meet the Mother

During the last three days -December 6, 7 and 8- of the Festivities in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Valley, when it is transferred to the Adn Quiroga Park, the Valley of Mercy, the Valley of the Eucharist, the Valley of the of Wisdom and the Valley of Blessed Mamerto Esqui. They will … Read more

The Marquis of Santillana, the promoter of science and arts kneeling before the Virgin Mary

A cultural event of the first magnitude visits Madrid: the joint exhibition of the Prado Museum and the National Library entitled ‘The Marquis of Santillana. Images and Letters‘ which can be visited from October 4 to January 8. Not a long time ago was announced on RTVE without a hint of any mention of the … Read more