La historia real detrás de ‘Temporada de huracanes’, la cinta mexicana que llegó a Netflix y ganó múltiples premios

La novela de Fernanda Melchor aborda cuestiones como el machismo, el erotismo oscuro y las relaciones de poder (Netflix) La obra literaria “Temporada de huracanes” de la escritora mexicana Fernanda Melchor, acompañada por la traductora alemana Angelica Ammar, fue galardonada con un premio internacional de literatura en Alemania. Este reconocimiento puso de manifiesto el impacto … Read more

Una líder internacional New Age relata su posesión y «batalla contra el demonio» en Roma: «Es real»

Cuando Catalina Davis abrió los ojos un viernes del mes de mayo, estaba tendida en el suelo de la capilla de la Scala Santa, en Roma. Los bancos es lo primero que recuerda y, al fondo, una imagen de Jesús y María. En ese momento, apenas podía moverse, a consecuencia del “combate cuerpo a cuerpo” … Read more

Lola Indigo: her real name, her relationship with Lali Esposito and when Don Patricio cheated on her

Mary AlbertCONTINUE Updated:04/18/2023 7:04 p.m. Keep Who was going to say that, after becoming the first contestant eliminated from ‘Operación Triunfo 2017’, Miriam Doblas Muñozalso known as mimi, would end up becoming the international artist that she is today. Despite the fact that her participation in the musical reality did not last long, the singer … Read more

Bologna, the 2023 horoscope: “Entertainment and real estate business, it will be a year of growth”

Paola Rava, astrologer, holistic consultant, writer and painter made the 2023 horoscope for the city Bologna, 3 January 2023 – Normally like to investigate our future. The planets, by interfacing, influence our lives and our destinies. We ask what the new year has in store for Paola Rava, from Bologna, holistic consultant, astrologer, author of … Read more

MIA suffered the most backlash of her career for saying ‘Jesus is real’

It took six years for MIA to decide to release a new album, “MATA”. Between one and the other, a pandemic has taken place, as we all know, but many other things. MIA (real name Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam,) With “MATA”, he wanted to reflect especially on the clash between spirituality and ego. The polysemy present … Read more

1 Bond Movie Name Refers To TWO Real Ian Fleming Shots | Pretty Reel

James Bond creator Ian Fleming has an incredibly rich history, and one of the most popular 007 films uses a title that references his real life. There have been a slew of James Bond films over the years, but the title of one of the franchise’s most popular films actually refers to two real-life aspects … Read more

The “black” legend of the Templars: here’s the real story

That of the Templars it is one of the few stories of the medieval world so penetrating in the collective feeling of public opinion as to become a myth, even seven centuries after the dismantling of the most famous chivalric order of the era of the Crusades. Many legends, controversial stories and even lies transformed … Read more

Astrology, magic jewelry, gurus… Behind the business of esotericism, a real thirst for spirituality

The market for esotericism is flourishing. A curious commercial alchemy that hides a real aspiration to spirituality. Decryption. Astrology (celestial configurations), numerology (properties of numbers), lithotherapy (benefits of stones), tarotoracles, shamanism, vipassana meditation are not new beliefs and practices. But in recent years, they have crystallized the different faces of the sacred in our Western … Read more

What the Na’vi cast of Avatar 2 look like in real life | Pretty Reel

More than a decade after Avatar, Avatar: The Waterway sees the return of Jake Sully and Neytiri, but they’re joined by a plethora of new Na’vi characters, some of whom are played by the actors from the first film. James Cameron returns to the world of Pandora, picking up over a decade after the events … Read more

Healthy food, a real political and spiritual position

True way of life for some, political fight or simple psychological comfort, for others, our relationship to food says a lot about our time. In his book Food spirituality, detox juice brands or the myth of self-elevatingLouise Laclautre tells how we went from the talk of thinness at all costs to that of absolute well-being … Read more