Top series and movies to watch on Netflix in September 2022

For back to school, Netflix has pulled out all the stops. Discover the best series and films to watch on the platform in September 2022. August has given us some happiness, especially with The Sandman, but also Carter and Day Shift. All the enthusiasm of the month should be maintained with the return of good … Read more

On Netflix, six films by Hasse Ekman, Ingmar Bergman’s forgotten rival

Swedish Hasse Ekman’s films were elegant, deep and ultra popular. But eclipsed, from the 1950s, by those of his friend Ingmar Bergman. They come out of the shadows, thanks to a cycle on Netflix. He who celebrated the outsiders in his films perhaps did not think of becoming one! Everything had started well for Hasse … Read more

This documentary is less than 6 hours long and it’s one of the most amazing stories you’ll see on Netflix.


There is a cult with thousands of members who just seem a little weird. You’ll also find plenty of wild elements in this Netflix documentary. This documentary includes many views and wild scenes. There are a lot of hard-to-explain events followed by a lot of suspense. Antelope is a small town of 46 people located … Read more

On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, 2 inspiring films to watch tonight


We all need to end this difficult week in the best possible way. For this, the therapeutic virtues of an excellent series and a good Netflix or Prime Video film should not be overlooked. This is why the editorial staff of CNET France helps you choose from the plethora of offers on these platforms and … Read more

Athena on Netflix: Romain Gavras’ new film is an incredible tour de force


Three years before Athenain 2019, Ladj Ly completed his first work of fiction, Wretched, on the striking image of a teenager, victim of a police blunder, armed with a Molotov cocktail. A swollen face and glare, the boy stands in front of a policeman on the ground, terrified at the idea that his opponent will … Read more

¿Qué ver en Netflix este fin de semana? Las nuevas películas y series recomendadas


Lou | Netflix La actriz estadounidense Allison Janney, famosa por títulos como Mom, protagoniza el thriller que la muestra como una solitaria mujer que vive junto a su perro en una cabaña en un sector boscoso de las Islas San Juan. La que se llama Lou Adell y tiene un pasado que se relaciona con … Read more

Five films to remember that Netflix is ​​also cinema


Reading time: 6 mins It must be admitted: Netflix’s cinema offer is less and less exciting. The original catalog has been somewhat frayed, events are rare, and it is not certain supposedly prestigious additions that will be enough to make the whole thing sexier – sorry, but who subscribes to Netflix or keeps its subscription … Read more

¿Qué ver en Netflix esta semana? Las nuevas películas y series recomendadas


Destino: la saga Winx | Netflix La versión en acción real que Netflix hizo del popular espacio animado infantil Club Winx, retorna con una segunda temporada nuevamente enfocada en la fantasía más oscura y un renovado peligro. Donde una vez más la Escuela Alfea es escenario de las aventuras que la adolescente hada Bloom Peters … Read more

Netflix: This documentary is less than 6 hours long and it’s definitely one of the most incredible stories you’ll see


A strong sect of thousands of members, excesses of all kinds, confrontations with the inhabitants of a remote town in the United States, and even a bioterrorist attack. It’s “Wild Wild Country”, a documentary to discover on Netflix. Antelope, a tiny town of 46 inhabitants located in Oregon, lives away from the world. In this … Read more