5 Easter movies you can watch on Netflix

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Holy Week Masses 2023: schedules and where you can watch the celebrations live

With the end of the month of March and the arrival of April, Holy Week finds its place and acquires the unique role it finds every year. The masses acquire a special role, due to the religious component they have, and there are many parishioners who attend this celebration with their relatives. This week, therefore, … Read more

Why should we watch the anime Kaina, spiritual heir of Miyazaki’s Nausicaä?

news culture Why should we watch the anime Kaina, spiritual heir of Miyazaki’s Nausicaä? Published on 01/12/2023 at 19:15 Launching on January 11 on Crunchyroll, the Kaina of the Great Snow Sea anime is already shaping up to be a major series to follow for anyone who appreciates the author of BLAME!, Aposimz and Knights … Read more

5 thrillers to watch if you liked “Daggers in the Back: Mystery of the Glass Onion”.

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Clint Eastwood’s Best Directed Movies To Watch

Few actors in Hollywood history have amassed a legacy and body of work comparable to Clint Eastwoodit is. First success on the small screen on television Rawhidehe quickly transitioned to the big screen and became a household name through his work in Sergio Leone“The Dollars Trilogy”. After spending years on numerous productions, watching and learning … Read more

CITIZEN presents its ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ watch collection | Disneyphile

Avatar: The Waterway hits theaters in less than a week, and as fans gear up for the long-awaited sequel, several companies are releasing new collectibles inspired by the movie. CITIZEN unveiled its range of watches for men, women and unisex which will be available for purchase on December 9. Three watches to return to Pandora … Read more

Three series to watch… on Paramount+ | VL Media

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5 masterful films to watch at 5 very specific moments in your life, according to Toni García

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The Cuphead Show, Matrix, Mickey Mouse: the story of a mouse… Films and series to watch in streaming this week

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