The San Leandro Theological Institute materializes its affiliation with the San Isidoro Faculty of Theology of Seville

The Diocese of Huelva has signed, together with the Faculty of Theology San Isidoro de Sevilla, the agreement by which the Holy See recognizes the affiliation to said Faculty of the San Leandro Theological Institute, issued last May. The Bishop of Huelva, Msgr. Santiago Gómez, has traveled there to attend the event in which the … Read more

Breast cancer. The Pastoral Care of Rome with the Ao San Giovanni Addolorata promote humanized treatments

The Breast Health Center in collaboration with the Pastoral Health Diocese of Rome launches a series of initiatives on the occasion of the month of prevention. First appointment on 1 October with the conference “The change of care” to show closeness to women affected by breast cancer and raise awareness of health workers and citizens … Read more

Knights of San Silvestro Association, meeting in Catanzaro between the various provincial delegations

On Saturday 24 September, between the vaults of the ancient Basilica dedicated to the Immaculate Conception in Catanzaro, the heavenly patron saint of the city, a moment of intense spirituality was celebrated which saw the participation of the brothers of the Silvestrino association, who came from the city and from the provincial delegations. regional, to … Read more

Monastery of San Biagio lives again as the seat of “Casa do menor Italia”


A two-day event that, despite the somewhat inclement weather, saw the Monastery of San Biagio in Mondovì relive, at the moment of the inauguration, in this site of great historical, religious and artistic value, of the new headquarters of the Association ” Casa do menor Italia “Onlus NGO, made up of volunteers who support the … Read more

San Michele: in the places and times of change | Chronicles Salerno


A place of high spirituality is the cave dedicated to the archangel in Olevano sul Tusciano, among the faithful in procession, brigands and Lucifer evicted with a kick By Aristide Fiore The Grotta di S. Michele Arcangelo, in Olevano sul Tusciano is a highly symbolic place, where ancient and contemporary paths cross which enrich its … Read more

The statue of San Michele returns to its former glory, the celebrations in Grottaminarda


On Sunday 25 September 2022, after a three-year restoration, the statue of St. Michael the Archangel will be returned to the community of Grottaminarda. The restoration, followed by the Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore, in the person of Don Rosario Paoletti, and by the Rotary Community Corps Avellino Est, chaired by Sonia … Read more

Today’s horoscope of a seer in San Juan de Alicante, indicates that Virgo wants answers


CHATESOTERICO.COM, is the best place to find the divine path. Join this community now and discover your full potential, true spirituality will take hold of you Virgo feels that the people around him are not giving him the attention he deserves, he wants immediate answers to situations that have made him uncomfortable. With these numbers … Read more

The 178th Sagra di San Bortolo ends with the concert by MIRAEL


Sunday 28 August 2022 at 9 pm in Rovigo, at the end of the 178th Sagra di San Bortolo, will be held on acoustic concert FEEL LOVE of the Ferrara singer-songwriter MIRAEL with excerpts from his album FEEL LOVE. The evening will be held in Piazza di San Bartolomeo 1, with free admission, and in … Read more

Grottaferrata, presented the initiatives for the Millennial of the Abbey of San Nilo. Great participation in the concert of the San Basilio Choir


GROTTAFERRATA (news) – The city is preparing for the 2024 event In Grottaferrata this afternoon at 5.30 pm in the conference room of the Abbey of San Nilo, the presentation for the celebrations for the Millennial of the Abbey Basilica of Santa Maria. In the presence of the religious, civil and military authorities, the … Read more

Culture. The film “La rebelión de las flores”, by María Laura Vasquez, premieres at the San Martín Cultural Center


Latin American Summary, September 19, 2022. On Friday, September 30 at 7:00 p.m. The rebellion of the flowers, by María Laura Vasquez, a documentary that will be seen during the month of October at the San Martín Cultural Center. Sarmiento 1551, Buenos Aires. In October 2019, a group of self-convened indigenous women from conflicting territories … Read more