What was Pedro Infante’s zodiac sign and what was his personality like?

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 9/29/2022 12:14 p.m. About Pedro Infante we already know almost everything, but perhaps one of the details that is little known about it is that related to his zodiac sign and his personality. Now we will tell you more about the one born in Guamúchil, Sinaloa, as there are some curious … Read more

Astro: do you live in the right city according to your astrological sign?

In France or abroad… in which city should you live according to your astrological sign? We tell you everything about the places of life that really suit you! From the strongest of the signs to the least appreciated, the twelve signs of the zodiac all have very different characters. Some will love the calm of … Read more

Physics took him from atheism to evangelism: a forbidden Mass and “a sign”, to the fullness of faith


It was 1988 in London when Wilson’s was a profoundly scientistimbued by atheism and marked by the conviction that science was in itself an amendment to the entire religious spirit. An approach that he began to question when he finished his university studies in Physics, when “God used the beauty of mathematics and a good … Read more

Astrology: what is your totem animal according to your astrological sign


Each of the twelve Zodiac signs has a totem animal. Like a spiritual guide, it is supposed to help us to know ourselves better and to better understand the world. It is also akin to a protective emblem. Here is yours according to your date of birth, according to the analyzes of the famous medium … Read more

It is revealed that Jennifer Lopez does not hire dancers who are a Virgo sign | tomatoes


The 21st century has brought the rise of magical thinking and we can see it in the success of neo-pagan practices and other religions that offer spiritual alternatives beyond Christianity. In this context, astrology has become part of everyday life in the contemporary world, generating special interest among members of the millennial and Z generation; … Read more

Pittule And Pizzica A Specchia, An Evening Under The Sign Of Salento Cuisine And Music


SPECCHIA – Saturday 20 August, at 9.30 pm, in Piazza del Popolo in Specchia will take place “PITTULE AND PIZZICA“, Now in its third edition and created with the patronage of the Municipality of Specchia. During the evening, besides the pittule, it will be possible to taste various typical products: fresh pasta with sauce, wine … Read more