Amulets | The constellation of our zodiac sign is engraved (by hand) on the jewels

Even those who claim to be uninterested in astrology actually listen when it comes to it. In addition to being a fad, a trend, today it represents an enormous repository of psychological knowledge. It is a hidden desire for spirituality, which in addition to compensating for the more materialistic side of us and in line with the turbulent times we are living, lends itself to aesthetic lines and visionary artistic projects.

As in the case of Giulia Tamburini, who dedicates her latest line of jewelry to the zodiac signs. Pendants, hand-engraved chains with the traditional burin technique: an iron point with which one digs by hand using the technique of the ancient Florentine goldsmiths – Florence is in fact the quintessential homeland of this type of craftsmanship.

Courtesy of Giulia Tamburini Jewels

Yes, because Giulia Tamburini’s is not limited to being a permanent jewelery atelier, but a real laboratory. Peering through the various collections on display, you come across the manufacturing corner, where the stones are worked one by one thanks to the inspiration and millimeter precision of Francesco Tamburini. «Today the experience of commissioned jewelery has been forgotten. Instead, one arrives here to decide, to take part in the creative process », he tells us. Outlining together with the goldsmith what you would like to find engraved on a stone and imagining rings, necklaces, bracelets means giving space to your desires and seeing them come true. It means becoming the owner of something unique. In the age of commodification it becomes a privilege, one inhabits, indeed, wears a secret and private portion that must be protected and protected. In fact, where it is manifested, it contains the inestimable value of authenticity.

Courtesy of Giulia Tamburini Jewels

The recessed stone presents on the front the figure of the zodiac sign, on the back the design of the constellation, i.e. the apparent grouping of stars on the celestial vault belonging to each of the astrological personifications. The stone, Francesco Tamburini explains to us, was fixed as a jewel through the “mustache” setting: the stone is inserted into the bezel – a small hollow cylinder – and fixed with metal curls, the so-called mustaches, obtained with the burin in the edge surrounding the stone. Each zodiac sign has its own associated natural stone: from sapphires to emeralds, from rubies to diamonds, from garnet to amethyst to topaz that embellish each pendant and make it more like an amulet to wear around the neck than a simple necklace.

Courtesy of Giulia Tamburini Jewels

Furthermore, the designer Ettore Tripodi has contributed to an artistic addition that makes the jewels even more iconographic: in fact, they hang from a postcard conceived and created directly by him, which accompanies the chain, and which in addition to acting as a colored background and esoteric, they are perfect tickets on which to write a sentence, before giving them as a gift. And why not, even if they keep to themselves.

One last curiosity? The signs are not twelve, as we are used to thinking of them within the traditional representation of the zodiac. Giulia Tamburini has added one, which escapes the ancient astrological hierarchies and is part of the southern hemisphere. If you want to know what it is, run to Viale Piave 5.

Amulets | The constellation of our zodiac sign is engraved (by hand) on the jewels –