The hobbits and the extreme right: this is how fantasy inspires the possible new leader of Italy

Special for Infobae of New York Times. ROME — Giorgia Meloni, the far-right leader who is likely to be Italy’s next prime minister, used to dress up as a hobbit. As a youth activist for the post-fascist Italian Social Movement, she and her group of militants, with nicknames like Frodo and Hobbit, revered the “Lord … Read more

The forgotten grandfather of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Narnia’ who united fantasy and spirituality

Before the controversy surrounding the rings of power I was The Lord of the rings… but before The Lord of the rings were the works of George MacDonaldthe Scottish priest and writer whose works had a major influence on the circle of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Many years before the One … Read more

Tribute to JRR Tolkien: son of war, father of fantasy


Of Alaric Lazarus On September 2, 1973, JRR Tolkien, philologist, linguist, academic, writer and noble father of the fantasy genre, of which “The Hobbit” published in 1937 will forever be the eternal progenitor, died in Bournemouth at the age of eighty-two. . A progenitor from which Tolkien will branch out the numerous milestones that tell … Read more

The Deer King review: an ambitious fantasy epic


The film is available in selected Italian cinemas starting today, Monday 27 June 2022 The Deer King – The Deer King, directorial debut of the ex-Ghibli animator Masashi Ando, ​​assisted by his colleague Masayuki Miyaji. In recent days we have guided you to the discovery of Production IG, the studio that made the feature film, … Read more