Samuel Hernández: “Lalo is not dead, he is resting, the one who dies is the one who is forgotten”

Early in the afternoon, the horns that blared the hits of lalo rodriguez at the Ehret Funeral Home, they took a break in the funeral chapel to give way to the voice of the singer of sacred music, samuel hernandezwho for an hour gave encouraging words to both the family and the fans, while he … Read more

On Netflix, six films by Hasse Ekman, Ingmar Bergman’s forgotten rival

Swedish Hasse Ekman’s films were elegant, deep and ultra popular. But eclipsed, from the 1950s, by those of his friend Ingmar Bergman. They come out of the shadows, thanks to a cycle on Netflix. He who celebrated the outsiders in his films perhaps did not think of becoming one! Everything had started well for Hasse … Read more

Maria Sofia, a (forgotten) heroine: Sissi’s sister, she was the last queen of the Two Sicilies

Younger sister of the empress, with her courage she bewitched d’Annunzio and Proust. And she too was the victim of one of the first photomontages in history “Tall, slender, with beautiful dark blue eyes and magnificent brown hair; Maria Sofia had a noble bearing and at the same time very graceful manners”, wrote Amedeo Tosti … Read more

The forgotten grandfather of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Narnia’ who united fantasy and spirituality

Before the controversy surrounding the rings of power I was The Lord of the rings… but before The Lord of the rings were the works of George MacDonaldthe Scottish priest and writer whose works had a major influence on the circle of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Many years before the One … Read more

Armida Barelli, extraordinary woman not to be forgotten. An exhibition in the Cathedral

As Silvio Crudo said, at the end of the informal and friendly meeting on Armida Barelli, last Monday in the courtyard of the Cathedral of Fossano, there were in Italy “such extraordinary figures, only to risk disappearing over time and memory”. If this memory, like that of Barelli, were not now painstakingly recovered, thanks to … Read more