Breslov and Uman: a passionate relationship that defies war

After the coronavirus pandemic, it is now the shadow of war that hangs over the pilgrimage of Uman. In light of the risks involved, Ukrainian and Israeli authorities have called with one voice on Jewish pilgrims not to travel to the city in eastern Ukraine on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah. Uman Mayor Iryna Pletnyova … Read more

The Migration Festival returns to Turin, focusing on war and climate change

War, climate change and the gender issue. These are the cornerstones of the Migration Festival, which returns to Turin for its own fourth edition from 27 September to 2 October and this year too unfolds in various places in the city, between the former Cemetery of San Pietro in Vincoli, the Holden School, the Sandretto … Read more

Nacho Cano, creator of ‘Malinche’: The war with his brother José María and his love with Penélope Cruz


Nacho Cano has once again hit the nail on the head with his new musical ‘Malinche’, about the love of the Aztec and Hernán Cortés, which has become a revolution in Spanish theater. Nacho Cano is the author of some of the great triumphs of pop music in his years in the group Mecano where … Read more

The Pope’s Decalogue for religions to stop the Third World War


Kazakhstan. Congress of Religious Leaders. The Pope spoke of an “authentic religiosity” that does not use the name of God to promote total war “Let’s never justify violence. Let us not allow the sacred to be instrumentalized by what is profane. Let the sacred not be support of the power and power does not rest … Read more

We are made of love and war; aztec secret revealed


The most recent publication of the book Aztec Secret authored by the famous Mexican renaissance writer Leopoldo Mendivil López is a great work of the paradoxes that our Aztec ancestors faced and that in one way or another are still alive in Mexicans today, gives key information, questions myths, characters, recreates, entertains and helps nurture … Read more

Tribute to JRR Tolkien: son of war, father of fantasy


Of Alaric Lazarus On September 2, 1973, JRR Tolkien, philologist, linguist, academic, writer and noble father of the fantasy genre, of which “The Hobbit” published in 1937 will forever be the eternal progenitor, died in Bournemouth at the age of eighty-two. . A progenitor from which Tolkien will branch out the numerous milestones that tell … Read more

“Rachism”, the new word for the war in Ukraine


The word, new, spread in Ukraine after the Russian invasion of February 24: “rachism”. contraction of “Russia” and “fascism”, this neologism immediately enjoyed great success. Omnipresent on social networks, where the Russians are renamed “rachistes”, it was quickly taken up by the Ukrainian media, before being adopted to the highest summit of the State. Volodymyr … Read more

Lula and Bolsonaro: The war unleashed by the vote of evangelicals in Brazil


After repeated nods to the evangelical segment and a day after saying that the Bible must be fulfilled, former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said Friday that he will not campaign based on religious issues. “Religious issues will not be on my political agenda,” assured the presidential candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT). … Read more

Russian cinema in the new reality. “Ties broken” talks about the conflicts between friends and family due to the war (by Memorial Italia)


“Meduza ”continues his series of articles on documentaries available online which, in the course of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, appear particularly relevant and relevant. Every weekend the film critic Anton Dolin presents a documentary released recently or several years ago, not limited to Ukrainian and Russian authors. This week’s film is Razryv svjazi … Read more