Soror, the Christmas fantasy by Gabriele Lazzaro and Didi Leoni to be released on December 24th | InfoToday

The launch on YouTube of SORORthe award-winning short film by the director and actor Gabriel Lazarus. Many years since Fantaghiròhere is a new Italian fantasy, full of special effects and set right on Christmas night.

The film produced by Sarabi Productions by journalist Didi Leoni, historic face of Tg5, boasts illustrious protagonists: Elizabeth DePalo (“Living”, “Suburra”, “My Brilliant Friend”), Daniel Jordan (“Borsellino”, “Police District 7”), Giorgia Trasselli (“Casa Vianello”) e Mariella Valentini (“Palombella rossa” by Nanni Moretti). The voice actress opens and closes the film Rossella Izzo, Italian voice of Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon; the cast is completed by the performer Mirko Cattaneo and Lazzaro himself (“Vivere”, “Un Matrimonio” by Pupi Avati).

The film directed by Lazzaro (who co-wrote the screenplay with Massimiliano Varrese) boasts numerous awards, including the “Diverse Sorriso Award” presented by Lorena Bianchetti on the stage of the Black Silk Tulip Festival, an important event promoted by Rai Cinema. In addition to this, the “Best Director” award at the HIIF – Heart International Italian Film Festival (Italy) should be mentioned; “Best Short Film” award at RIFF – Rameshwaram International Film (India), nomination for “Best Original Idea” at Top Indie Film Festival (Japan).

A dramatic short with fantasy hues, a film on the meaning of life and forgiveness and on the infinite struggle between light and shadow that takes place in each of us. There are also numerous special effects and important and careful cinematic quotes, from “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” to “The Others” to the cult film with David Bowie “Labyrinth”. And also the final song featured on the credits is a quote: “The parting glass” or “The glass of the stirrup”, interpreted by the singer Luca Buccolo; the song belongs to the Scottish tradition which, even if considered “farewells”, invites joy – “fill me the last glass – good night and may happiness be with you” – words that well encapsulate the moral of the screenplay.

“Soror” marks the debut as a producer of Didi Leoni: the short film is the first official work signed by his newborn production company. Participating in the project as Main Sponsor is “Bosca”, one of the oldest sparkling wine houses in Italy which has allowed the first scene to be shot in its cellars, the Underground Cathedrals of Canelli (a UNESCO World Heritage Site ).

Lazzaro, speaking of the film, says: “I started from a reflection on how relationships can influence our lives and determine our destiny; hence the idea of ​​leading the audience by the hand within a family based on the sense of guilt, to live with her the “magical” experience of catharsis. The short, I hope, will appeal to those who love spiritual films and stories that speak of inner change. In some way, it pays homage to the Italian fantasy tradition and its master Lamberto Bava, it will be that I grew up on bread and Fantaghirò!”.


Christmas Eve. Rebecca (Daniela Giordano) and Adele (Giorgia Trasselli) are in the old family home at the bedside of their sister Lucia (Mariella Valentini), who is terminally ill; with them are Rebecca’s son, Mattia (Gabriele Lazzaro), and the man’s partner, Luca (Mirko Cattaneo). The weight of the letter written by Nora (Elisabetta De Palo), the fourth sister, who died a year earlier, rests on the women; a letter so cruel that it instilled in Lucia not only the seed of guilt, but perhaps of the disease itself. The time available to Lucia, in this land, is running out but before leaving she would like to put back the pieces of the past and, on that night, her wish will be fulfilled: the four sisters will live together an experience in the Underworld that will change their fate forever.

Soror, the Christmas fantasy by Gabriele Lazzaro and Didi Leoni to be released on December 24th | InfoToday