The hobbits and the extreme right: this is how fantasy inspires the possible new leader of Italy

Special for Infobae of New York Times. ROME — Giorgia Meloni, the far-right leader who is likely to be Italy’s next prime minister, used to dress up as a hobbit. As a youth activist for the post-fascist Italian Social Movement, she and her group of militants, with nicknames like Frodo and Hobbit, revered the “Lord … Read more

The extreme right, the first party of the majority in Sweden

It is an unprecedented victory and for many observers of democracy in Europe it is also an earthquake. According to the almost final results announced yesterday, it is therefore an unprecedented bloc bringing together both right and extreme right which won the general elections in Sweden by a very small majority. With 176 seats, this … Read more

Masses in the street in Nicaragua, the extreme unction to Liberation Theology | PERSPECTIVE

There is not the slightest doubt that the Central American Catholic Church has lived through dark times as in the entire continent, they went from having all the power of the State during the colony to being confined in the churches during the liberal revolutions of the mid and late nineteenth century. Julio Abdel Aziz … Read more

The electoral campaign began in Brazil: extreme polarization and high discursive voltage

Brazil entered the countdown to the general elections on October 2 with the official launch of the electoral campaigns, in acts with strong symbolic content in which the main candidates President Jair Bolsonaro and the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvashowed a high voltage accusations that exhibits the ironclad polarization of the lawsuit. According … Read more