Drink, learn, read the Bible and pay the Church: because ‘The vine and the branches’ makes people talk about themselves

A cycle of events that brings together passages from the Gospels and psalms with Pinot, Champagne and Barolo. For a fee. There are those who get excited and those who have doubts The glass and “take it and drink it all”: so far it was understood differently (Shutterstock) When he passed the bread and wine … Read more

Feast of San Francesco allo Speco di Narni, in Terni and Sambucetole


Feast of San Francesco allo Speco di Narni, in Terni and Sambucetole “In the middle of the night to pray” is the traditional pilgrimage on foot from Narni allo Franciscan speco of Sant’Urbano which, on the occasion of the feast of St. Francis, is proposed by the young people of the Youth Ministry service of … Read more

Verona, the arrival of the new bishop Pompili. Greetings to the faithful


The bishop of Verona Domenico Pompili among the people in Verona (Sartori) The new bishop of Verona has entered the city, Monsignor Domenico Pompilicalled to take the place of Giuseppe Zenti, bishop emeritus, who had resigned due to age limits after 15 years in the pastoral government of the Scaliger diocese. The agenda of the … Read more

“Governments are wrong. But people are selfish …”


Turin. At the beginning of the twentieth century the plague spreads and also poisons consciences on the island of Mingher, “pearl of the eastern Mediterranean”, born from the imagination of Orhan Pamuk. The new historical and allegorical novel of the 2006 Nobel Prize, The Nights of the Plague (Einaudi), recreates a world that speaks to … Read more

# ADIUTORGAUDIIVESTRI25. In seven hundred pages the pastoral care of a bishop always close


Collaborator of your joy: Adiutor gaudii vestri. Since 1997 it has been the motto, even before the life program, of Msgr. Michele Secciasince 2018 archbishop of Lecce. Now it is also the title of the volume published by the archdiocese of Lecce and printed for the types of Editions Vivere inwith the support of Banca … Read more

Being Salesian


«Journey of Hope» is the project of the Laura Vicuña Foundation which, in the Philippines, aims to rebuild the lives of children in disadvantaged urban and rural areas. The Environmental Camping Program is instead proposed, in Korea, to children aged 3 to 5, in the context of school education in ecological spirituality, which creates and … Read more

Vatican. Gambetti: «The basilica of San Pietro? Not a museum. Closer to the faithful “


Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, a conventual Franciscan friar minor, now archpriest of St. Peter’s Basilica On Sunday evening on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome a videomapping will be projected that tells the life of the Fisherman of Galilee. The singer Andrea Bocelli will inaugurate the evening while the actor Flavio Insinna will be … Read more