“Leadership, Spirituality, Ethics and Management”. In Frosinone, conference with Prof. Eng. Riccardo Petricca

January 18, 2023 11:21am 1′ of reading EVENTS AND CULTURE Start of works Saturday 21 January at 10:30 at the Palazzo della Provincia. Saturday 21 January at 10:30 in the Sala della Provincia di Frosinone in Piazza Gramsci will host the Conference entitled: “Leadership, Ethical Spirituality and Management” organized by the Sora-Cassino “Donato Formisano” Section … Read more

UDS promotes a new vision for sports management

Víctor Miguel Agreda.- San Carlos, December 9.- (Las Noticias de Cojedes) , from the new vision of sports management, since in recent years this element has revolutionized and has been contributing a lot to the construction of the national sports system and scientific innovation. The training day was headed by the Rector of the UDS, … Read more

“Deficiencies in management”, Pope Francis commissioner of Caritas Internationalis

from Gian Guido Vecchi The body that coordinates 162 charitable associations. Cardinal Tagle removed, in his place Pier Francesco Pinelli VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has commissioned Caritas Internationalis, the body that coordinates 162 charitable associations around the world, to define a “revision of the current regulatory framework”, “improve” the mission at the service of … Read more

Good sheets: “Religion, religious fact and management”

“Religion, religious fact and management”, coordinated by Hugo Gaillard, Géraldine Galindo and Lionel Honoré at EMS editions, brings together both major interviews and academic contributions, around the place and ways of considering religion in the professional sphere. . It is aimed at curious readers who wish to sharpen their thinking on a subject at the … Read more

Cáritas and the ‘El Sembrador’ Foundation assume the management of the ‘El Sahúco’ shelter

The hostel-colony of El Sahúco, property of the Bishopric of Albacete, has gathered for many generations thousands of people, children and young people in its colonies, especially in summer. This hostel is located in an area of ​​the district of El Sahúco, next to the Sanctuary of Christ of El Sahúco, 15 kilometers from the … Read more

The Uffizi’s reply to the controversy over the loss of NFT management of works of art

The Uffizi’s reply to the controversy over the loss of NFT management of works of art (Wednesday 25 May 2022) There controversy on Nft Uffizi and other museums was born from a service from the Hyenas from which a piece on Repubblica was born. According to these journalistic products, there is a possibility that … Read more