Quality festivals and food and wine, the best of Italy’s flavours

Journey to the tastiest Italy from 30 March to 2 April at the Agri and Slow Travel Expo at the Bergamo Fair. Where the quality festivals, the proposals of food and wine tourism, the paths of spirituality and art will be reviewed. Today’s food and wine tourist is looking for emotions, experiences to live to … Read more

Al Pirandello il Grande Gospel per il Ventennale del Blues & Wine Soul Festival

L’estate scorsa erano stati già meravigliosi gli appuntamenti del Blues & Wine Festival in giro per la Sicilia, con la grande Band di Joe Castellano e relativi special guests. Lo stesso creatore e direttore artistico della manifestazione, adesso fa tornare in Sicilia il grande Gospel e porta a chiusura di questa magnifica edizione del Ventennale, … Read more

At Pirandello the Great Gospel for the twentieth anniversary of the Blues & Wine Soul Festival

Last summer the appointments of the Blues & Wine Festival around Sicily were already wonderful, with lJoe Castellano’s Big Band and related special guests. The same creator and artistic director of the event, now brings the great Gospel back to Sicily and brings to the close of this magnificent edition of the Ventennale, one of … Read more

Babette’s feast: the masterpiece that teaches thanks with wine

Any movie buff who enjoys the exuberance of good gastronomy has to see babette’s feast. This Danish film is an adaptation of the homonymous book by the writer Isak Dinesen, pseudonym of Karen Blixen, the baroness known worldwide for the incarnation of her character that Mery Streep played in Memories of Africa. Its fable airs, … Read more

Cucinelli from cashmere to wine: this is how I restore value to the land

He swirls the glass of his first wine, deeply red, and plunges into the memories of a former country boy. Perhaps he is reflected in the rustic blend Sangiovese with Cabernets and Merlot with cosmopolitan elegance. Brunello Cucinelli has in the name the destiny of a wine producer. Which has now been achieved, with the … Read more

‘A CHIENA Wine Festival with Cafè Loti and Nando Citarella

GREENHOUSES (SA) – On the day of the tapping of the barrels, Friday 11 November, “A Chiena” announces two days of music in Serre in the enchanting setting of the Palazzo Ducale, with a concert by the trio Café Loti and a two-day workshop entitled “Songs of distant voices and Terra Madre ”with Nando Citarella … Read more


MERANO – The 31st edition of Merano Wine Festival “Breath and Cry of the Earth”, which Daily Virtues follows as always live, is a reminder of the strength and beauty of the Earth, today in difficulty. But nature is characterized by extreme resilience and the Naturae et Purae program “Wine Resilience – Extreme Spirits. From … Read more

Brice de Beaudrap: “Wine has always been a privileged tool for philosophizing”

85 How did you come up with the idea for VinoPhilo? Brice de Beaudrap : The origin of VinoPhilo is based on a desire and a surprise. My masters in philosophy completed and my first years of courses given, in 2019, I felt the desire to share philosophical reflection in the professional world. However, having … Read more

Balagan Cafe: music, kosher wine and Jewish food tastings

Last appointment for this year, next Thursday 1 September, with the tenth edition of the Balagàn Café in the garden of the Synagogue (free admission from via Farini, 6 starting at 7 pm). The special summer cultural event, organized by the Jewish Community of Florence and the Jewish Tuscan Network Committee in … Read more