Catania. Christmas Award

Tremestieri Etneo (Catania), 18 January 2023 – The XXXIV edition of the national poetry and other competition ended with the award ceremony on Saturday 14 January, Christmas Award-City of Tremestieri Etneoorganized by the parish church Santa Maria della Pace of Tremestieri Etneo and dedicated to its creator in 1989, the priest Salvatore Consoli.

As always a precious appointment, which creates culture and nourishes virtuous paths of friendship and beauty in the sign of Christmas and poetry and the values ​​of peace, “oopportunity to meet and discuss, writes the parish priest Gaetano Sciuto in his greeting and presentation of the anthological notebook of the Prize, through various ways with the world of culture, which increasingly wishes to qualify as a real construction site where we can offer our contribution to increase the civilization of love”.

A meeting between generations, of primary and secondary school children and adults, between poets and journalists, teachers and parents that served as a frame, weaving relationships of knowledge and exchanges, between regions and territories of belonging: Tremestieri and the Etna hinterland , Catania, Messina, Cagliari and Teramo.

Sarah Danzuso – Father Gaetano Sciuto

Guest of honor of the evening, animated by the “Improvisations” at the recently inaugurated parish organ of 1846, by maestro Andrea Strazzulla, the journalist and writer Sarah Donzuso from Catania, who spoke via skype and author of two books on friendships and gender-based violence and motherhoodForever and ever” And “Mom, my way”.

In the presence of the councilor for culture and tourism of the Municipality Vito Torrisi who brought the greetings of the mayor Santi Rando, impeded for health reasons and with the moderation of the secretary of the Vincenzo Caruso Prize, the awards were assigned with diplomas, parchments and plaques to the lyrics and drawings of the various sections of the Prize.

In the graphics section reserved for schools, the works of Francesco Chisari, Alessandro Montalto, Alice Bua, Francesco Privitera, Mattia Torrisi, Lucio Conti, Lucrezia Alparone, Ginevra Bonanno, Samuele Vitelli and Erna Privitera (Nina Hausmann, Maria Messina and Carmela Valenti) were awarded members of the jury); for primary school poetry: Samuele Mirabella, Ilya Dubrovskis and Giuliana Castiglia (Anna Maria Rapisarda, Pinella Filippa Guarnera and Giuseppe Renna, the members of the jury); for secondary school/university poetry: Martina Riolo, Giorgia Monaco and Giovanni Saitta and the assignment of two special mentions to the poems “The truth of silence” the “Rosetta Zaita” plaque, to the young university student from Susa (Turin) Matteo Angelo Lauria and “Christmas was coming”, the “Cinzia Parisi” plaque, to the student Anna Giurdanella of the European Classical High School of the “Cutelli” National Boarding School in Catania (Marilena Tomaselli, Maria Grazia Spina and Domenico Messina, the members of the jury).

Lucia Di Pietro – Vincenzo Caruso award secretary

The interventions of the poets are very precious: Lucy Di Pietro, of Roseto degli Abruzzi in the province of Teramo, who won the first prize in section A in Italian with the opera “In front of that cave” who also recited some poems by the authors absent for reasons of health and bad weather;

Emanuele Stochino – Vincenzo Caruso award secretary

Emanuele Stochino, of Quartu Sant’Elena in the province of Cagliari, winner of the Rino Giacone plaque (XXI edition) with the lyric “Freedom” which he read in Italian then interpreted, with particular intensity in Sardinian dialect, second prize ex aequo with the lyric “Peace is woman” of the poetess Caterina Jazira Famularo of Lampedusa (Ag), which was awarded the “Giovanna Finocchiaro Chimnirri” plate at its 20th edition; Maria Grazia Cali of Viagrande (Ct), with the poem “Maybe someday” in Italian and Melania Sciabò Vinci of Catania with the poem “While you sleep”, reported respectively in sections A in Italian and B in Sicilian.

First classified, however, in the Sicilian language section was the opera “Lu vol” of the poetess Antonina Pistorio of Gravina di Catania and awarded with mentions of merit in the Italian language section the lyrics “A crib in the city” Of Maria Carmela Mugnano of Rome andMay this always be firm in you” by Vincenzo Mirra of Pisa.

The jury of the sections of the A and B prize was made up of Giuseppe Adernò, Milly Bracciante, Lia Mauceri, Domenico Messina, Marco Pappalardo and Salvatore Scalia.

Mimma Cucinotta – Giuseppe Adernò – Vincenzo Caruso

Among the winners also the journalist Mimma Cucinotta from Messina, managing director of the European online information magazine who was awarded the “Salvo Nibali” plaque for the XI edition dedicated to the journalist from Catania who died on 27 December 2005.

Domenico Interdonato, Mimma Cucinotta, Giuseppe Adernò, Vincenzo Caruso

The award was presented by Giuseppe Adernò, president of the Catania provincial section of the Catholic Union of the Italian Press (UCSI), an organization operating in close synergy with the event which saw the authoritative presence of the regional president of UCSI Domenico Interdonato.

As per the announcement, the “Padre Consoli” plaques (XXIII edition) were also assigned to the European Classical High School of the “M. Cutelli” of Catania and “D’Inessa” (XVII edition) at the 1st grade secondary school “R. Sanzio” of Tremestieri Etneo and certificates to the other participating schools (Didactic Circle “Mother Teresa of Calcutta” of Tremestieri Etneo and Comprehensive Institute “E. De Amicis” of Tremestieri Etneo and the ITS “P. Branchina” of Adrano (Ct).

In addition to the Municipality of Tremestieri Etneo, the sponsoring bodies of the Award are also the provincial section of the Catholic Union of the Italian Press (UCSI), the Uciim section (Catholic Union of teachers, managers and trainers …) of Tremestieri Etneo, the provincial association of donors of blood Advs Fidas Catania and the Confraternity of the SS. Sacrament of Tremestieri Etneo.

Catania. Christmas Award-City of Tremestieri Etneo between spirituality, music, poetry and journalism – Paese Italia Press