Gema recounts how, after a suicide attempt, she rediscovered spirituality

During his passage through the The Box Challenge 2023 , Gem was characterized by its way of dealing with each of the needs and problems that were generated in the City of Boxes, both in the competition and in the coexistence and lifestyle of the participants, since he made spirituality his banner and the motto with which he wanted to impact his peers.

However, this connection with God and with being It was not something that arose during her time on the program, but rather that it began to germinate from when she was very young, although over the years this mutated until it became what it is today and is constantly working to be every day. a better person.
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The story around how it came about her spirituality was born since she was a child, because he confesses that during that time he did not think about children’s things, but he wanted to be a big person with the attitude of a little one. This was initially not well seen by those around her, since they saw her as someone strange and with unusual ideas, which was transmitted to her in various ways and created insecurity in her.

I was looking everywhere for answers.from the search for peace by closing your eyes, such as learning to read palms and cards, however, several of her loved ones made it clear to her that this was seen as something strange and that instead of listening to her voice had to do everything possible to fit in.

That was how she had that first disconnection from her being, which began to affect her, because from her point of view, she believes that children develop with the example of adults, even though this is an age in which you feel more than you think and that’s why that way of acting.

Time after, he grew up with the emptiness that his parents were far awaywithout failing to answer for her financially, however, there is no money worth the love and understanding that only parents have and that is so required during growth.
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That is why you feel that from the age of 13 he began to live a life that he did not consider his own, in which nothing mattered to him and he wondered for what reasons he should do good, although he emphasizes that he never stopped believing in God and his presence. For her, we are all free to be, no matter how, however, what is valuable is in the intention with which we do our acts.

This is how Gema began to have a series of decisions and relationships that affected her life, her peace of mind, and her mental health, for which, one day, exhausted and overwhelmed, without even seeing a light in her path, decided to end his life and took a poison that turned everything upside down, that made her spit as hard as she could, that filled her with dizziness and that finally left her unconscious.

Once she opened her eyes, having a catheter in place and being in a hospital, the former The Box Challenge participant realized that her plans had not gone as planned. Her first reaction was disconcerting. I didn’t understand the reasons why I was still aliveConsequently, he wanted to finish what he had started. For this, the love of her mother was necessary, who helped her change her mentality.

Endless talks made her decide to be admitted to a psychiatricin which she put all her hopes to put aside her depression and suicidal thoughts, because something inside her made her understand that there were still reasons to continue fighting, which could not be achieved without professional help.

Far from imagining what this place really represented, which she wanted to leave from day one due to the energy and emotions that are handled there, Gema noticed that there were other women with very similar problems just like her and that she still had that magic inside her. yes, well I was the only one who, despite everything, laughed and gave life to that dark place.

“There I began to understand that we each have to take care of ourselves, that you have to respect the ways of being“, emphasizes the native of Moniquirá, Boyacá, who in her hospitalized time understood that each human being is a different world and that everyone has a different healing process.
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Being discharged and with a lot of dreams ahead, Gema decided to set up her own Box, in which I could inspire women and empower them with factors such as exercise. However, this also brought him many problems, because although he managed to have around 70 people registered, he made this work a way of avoiding his reality and not exactly in the healthiest way.

Bringing her past with her and with a bit of nostalgia, the former challenger tells us that she taught classes all day to disconnect, but she never rested and despite the fact that she wanted the best for these women, considers that he spoiled them because they all expected him to always be available, regardless of the fact that he might get sick or require a vacation.

Although she had to put this project aside, Gema remained in her desire to find herself and achieve that inner peace that her soul was crying out for, as she reveals that she wants to feel loved and find out what love really is. That is why his search through spirituality did not end there.
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After all these traumas and the burden of not letting gothis woman felt inspired the day she saw her brother meditating and listening to classical music, because she also wanted to reach that point of exploring her being, because it was something she always considered tied to her, to her essence.

From that moment, Gema made the decision to return to those tastes she had since she was a child, so was instructed in reading cards and palms, the creation of candles, the understanding of being and otherswhich he has applied in his daily life and has carried as his mantra.

Yoga came about thanks to a woman who became a teacher of lifewho has shown him that beyond postures this is a connection with all aspects of his life, being essential in his daily work.

That was how Gema rediscovered her spirituality. and with what she always had in her. It should be noted that although she never strayed from God, she once again put him as a central axis and from that moment on she has made love her banner, bringing messages of reflection to those around her, while continuing to protect that energy that they once tried to turn off.

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Gema recounts how, after a suicide attempt, she rediscovered spirituality