Caring for our spirituality | Diary the Black Sheep

The author is part of the Local Journalism Initiative A good number of rural churches located in Bas-Saint-Laurent are being converted. The latest is the conversion of the Saint-Yves church in Rimouski-Est, bought by a climbing center. This reflects a decline in religious practice. A question could then arise: in what way does spirituality mainly … Read more

Diary of an expat’ #1: 5 things that surprised me when I arrived in Lyon

1. Lyon, capital of esotericism I am what is commonly called a “witch”. In any case, that’s how my relatives have fun naming me! Very focused on energies, the “spirituality” in its broadest sense, astrology (no comment… If you’re slanderous, my crystal ball will tell me and I’ll put a spell on you. I’m kidding… … Read more

Eva’s diary on the set of “Sola Nina”

Travel This is my favorite part of an experience: the journey, or the exit from the comfort zone, the “going towards” something new, the adventure within the adventure. Destination: the Big Apple. I have vivid memories of the days spent in Union Square, in the historic New York Film Academy, and of those long after-dinners … Read more


Following the First Forum which took place in Pont en Royans (France) from May 25 to 29, 2022, the Second Forum will take place in Geneva supported by three Museums: Museum of Natural History, Ethnographic Museum and Botanical Garden. Trees are inseparable from life on earth, and remain our last chance in the face of … Read more

Pickpocket. Diary of a thief. Robert Bresson’s film review

Freely inspired by Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, it leads to a purification of the soul of its protagonist with an enviable dryness of expression. A huge movie. MUBI ————————————————– ——— CINEMA SCHOOL OF WILD TRAILS: REGISTRATION OPEN YEAR 2022-23 ————————————————– ——— I would like to be able to see something else on the screen than … Read more

DIARY OF A PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND / 7. Holy Sepulcher, emptiness is a friend

It will be difficult for the pilgrim – as long as he wants to do it – to forget that slab of virgin rock that protrudes almost two spans from the floor in the basilica of the Agony, at Gethsemani. It is a rock which, although cold, is boiling: it is the place where Christ … Read more