Spirituality: what is a twin flame and how to recognize it?

What are twin flames?

“Twin flames are the result of the split of one and the same soul into two different entities, each carrying a specific polarity”, explain Daisy Bodin and Julie Bodin in a book dedicated to the subject1. They are two identical souls that split at the moment of birth, so as to join two different physical bodies. Their separation allows each flame to develop its own personality but the two are complementary. Each of the twin flames carries the energy that the other lacks. Paul Chiarelli2, author of reference on the subject, explains that the twin flames are separated from their birth to find each other better. It is a necessary process so that each can live a better life and achieve individual fulfillment… before being reunited.

As for the probability of meet your twin flame during his life, opinions diverge: some thinking that it is extraordinary, others that it is quite possible. Either way, when twin flames come together, they share a unconditional love. But it is not necessarily a question of passion, twin flames can also maintain a platonic love or a sincere friendly relationship.

Twin flame and soul mate, what’s the difference?

It is much rarer to meet your twin flame than your soul mate. And for good reason : if you can have several soul mates, there is only one twin flame! If the soul mates are born separately, the twin flames are born from one and the same flame which will split into 2.

Twin flame, an intense karmic relationship

In the jargon, it is customary to say that in a pair of twin flames there is a “chase” (continuing) and a “runner” (fleeing him). Also called the awakened soul, the chase has a dominant yang: he is convinced that he has found his other half, gives himself up and can be intrusive or even stifling. From the initial separation, he kept a wound of abandonment. THE runner – dominant yin – often wears armor that allows him to adapt and evolve in the society around him (and to face his fear of rejection) … and the fact that the chase sees beyond this armor can frighten him.

From the outset, attraction can lead to asking the question. But how to recognize your twin flame when she shows up? Several clues can put the chip in the ear: a strong attraction (not only physical), the impression of already knowing the other, a feeling of appeasement and an ease with the other, similarities of course… On the other hand , no need to look for a perfect harmony… when 2 twin flames are together, it can also make sparks; especially at the beginning of the reconnection! However, a relationship with a twin flame has nothing to do with a toxic relationship: there is neither physical violence nor psychological violence between 2 twin flames! On the other hand, there is an emotional risk – and this is the main danger in this type of relationship -: emotional dependence.

1. “The twin flames, on the way to oneself”, Daisy Bodin and Julie Bodin

2. “Universal Twin Flame”, Paul Chiarelli

Spirituality: what is a twin flame and how to recognize it?