Spirituality of the day: What has us so downcast?

Swe hear women and men with their heads down around us. The hauntings that harass them make their faces look too sad. The attitude and discouragement are noticeable at all times.

The truth is that daily problems, economic crises, emotional issues and, in general, the restlessness that everyday life brings them often generate ‘a thousand and one worries’.

However, the way these people take control of what happens to them will be key to coping with any adversity.

Those who go through difficult stages should keep in mind that many of the things that worry them have solutions. Sometimes, without realizing it, these people make the present a “hell” because of that “mountain” of harmless anguish that nests in their thoughts.

Those who get carried away by setbacks should realize how important it would be for them to maintain a good vibe in their spirit and soul.

It is not about forcing a smile or faking joy as is done today on social networks; nor should they paint ‘hired happiness’ on their faces to gain ‘likes’.

I’m not talking about those fake facets!

I am referring to not losing hopes or the meaning of life, because you have to learn from each difficult circumstance a teaching or learning that allows you to recover an authentic, free and spontaneous joy. They must return to each other the ability to be well inside and out.

I know that it reads beautifully and that, of course, it is not easy to catch that enthusiasm when they go through hard days. However, those facing difficult situations should take one, two or three minutes a day to engage in self-talk.

The idea is to get rid of those absurd mental ‘cobwebs’ that many weave at every moment, to remember that each day brings its own eagerness and to understand that solutions to problems are better seen with a drop of serenity.

Things happen when they have to happen and they don’t have to embitter existence.

Of course, problems must be faced as they appear, not before or after.

If they are clear about where they stand, they can move on. In addition, Divine Providence, as our grandmothers said, in the same racking will clear the way for them.

I insist on telling you that from each setback you can learn one or more lessons. Keep in mind, of course, that God and his own hearts are the ones that will show you the path to follow.

Have faith and feel the joy of each sunrise, despite the fact that life itself brings you the setbacks of everyday life.

short reflections

he shelters him

The heavenly shelter is manifested in those who long for God, more than anything else in this world. If he prays, he listens; if he waits, the Lord prepares him; if he believes, the Most High fulfills him; and if he has faith, Jesus blesses him. Let him raise a prayer to heaven and be certain that a shower of glory will ‘wash’ him.

To fly!

Dreams, if you don’t work to carry them out, become false illusions. It’s time to put your dreams to fly. Let’s do it! Make good things happen. Remember when you used to fly paper airplanes: you designed them yourself and then, with your own hands, you made them take off.

inner light

Look inside! Try to heal your inner world so that you can display and radiate a good vibe in your environment. You must ensure that everything you do shine so that you can be part of a dynamic process, through which you manage to transcend based on your values ​​and principles.

case of the day

Testimonial: “I am going through a difficult time that, although it could be seen as one more setback, has frustrated me and has even made me not even take care of my things; What’s more, I don’t sleep well because of it. Why does life treat me badly? Before everything was beautiful, now I look sad. Give me some advice.”

Answer: You don’t give me more details about what it is that overwhelms you so much; However, reading your letter, I realize that you are focusing on the negative and forget that what happens to you may be only a part of the temporary difficulties that everyday life always brings.

I remind you that you, me and everyone in general, at certain times in our lives, face complicated situations.

In your case, as happens to those of us who are going through a crisis, you must be able to face what torments you so much and steals your peace.

I’m worried that he’s abandoning himself. Right now, when you are going through a hard time, is when you should take care of yourself the most; Above all, she must preserve his mental health, since she is crucial to get out of the quagmire in which she finds herself. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, anyway…

Deal with those difficult emotions creatively, whether through art, music, film, writing, or anything else that allows you to flow with life itself.

Find a way out of what you experience in a coherent way. That will not be an overnight task; that is, it will take time to heal or get over it.

Don’t think about what went wrong or worry about what will come tomorrow; When life is tough, it’s important to focus on today.

God bless you!

Spirituality of the day: What has us so downcast?