Mountain, sacred heritage

This May 27 and 28 we will celebrate a new version of the heritage day, “collective instance of celebration, which aims to generate a direct encounter between the community and the different manifestations and assets that together constitute the country’s heritage, with the intention that they appreciate their values, become aware of their vulnerability and … Read more

Sacred mobility, or what is similar to a mass, Gauchito Gil and aliens

Monday 1.5.2023 – Last update – 9:20 In the city of Santa Fe, the Catholic parishioners made a pilgrimage to the Basilica a few days ago and expressed their devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Just here, in the town of Felicia, the devotees approach the Virgin of Miracles. In Rosario there are the massive … Read more

Harry Potter: the sacred, freedom… What spirituality to give to the saga?

In the Harry Potter saga, spirituality is far from absent and is displayed in an original and very current way. On the occasion of a large immersive exhibition on his universe, which will take place in Paris from April 21 to October 1, 2023, and the announcement of a new television series, we take a … Read more

Cannabis: sacred plant for meditation and…

There are those who smoke pipes and those who instead have a consideration of cannabis like master planta powerful entheogen that should be approached with sacredness and respect. And then there’s everything in between, with a more or less conscious spiritual use of the plant. The modern problem of the use of drugs, perhaps, is … Read more

Is the Sacred Chalice in the Cathedral of Valencia?

The Holy Chalice It is the most revered relic in the world. Its history is mixed with its legend, uniting reality and fiction around this very special object that generates interest, admiration and a lot of curiosity. The program ‘The pillars of time’ from RTVE trace the trace left by the supposed cup from which … Read more

“Benedict XVI’s letter to artists”, Victor Benz’s “Sacred Art” chronicle in homage to the pope emeritus | RCF Jerico Moselle, RCF Lorraine Nancy

Since yesterday, tens of thousands of people pay their last respects to the pope in Rome Benedict XVI. Let us remember that he was a great man, pastor of the Church in search of peace and reconciliation, theologian who will continue to nourish the thought of the Church, but also a great lover of art … Read more

Uapashkuss wants to protect sacred places at the base of a thousand

The eight sites are distributed in Quebec and Labrador, between the mouth of the Moisie River, on the North Shore, and the George River, in Nunavik. They correspond to key places traditionally frequented by the Innu during their annual journeys to the heart of their immense territory, Nitassinan. Enlarge image (New window) Uapashkuss, which has … Read more

SAONE ET LOIRE: A Jubilee for the 350th anniversary of the Apparitions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Paray

The preparation begins on December 27th. The Jubilee will take place from December 27, 2023 to June 27, 2025. Communicated :To commemorate the 350th anniversary of the apparitions of the Heart of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary at Paray-le-Monial, a one and a half year Jubilee will take place from December 27, 2023, the anniversary … Read more

The École française de Rome hosts the photographic exhibition: “Shared Sacred Places”

The exhibition offers the visitor a journey of exploration of the Mediterranean which touches various places of worship. It is a smaller version than the original, accepted in previous years by some of the world’s most important museums. Dionigi Albera, one of the curators: we would like to bring the fullest version to the capital … Read more

Near La Gacilly: Christophe Auray dedicates his new book “Sacred and Healing Nature of Brittany”

By Gwenael Merret Published on 9 Dec 22 at 16:36 Information from the Pays de Redon See my news Follow this media Christophe Auray presents his new book “Sacred and Healing Nature of Brittany”. (©The Infos of the Country of Redon / Gwenaël Merret) “I did my veterinary thesis on the traditional care by plants, … Read more