Mountain, sacred heritage

This May 27 and 28 we will celebrate a new version of the heritage day, “collective instance of celebration, which aims to generate a direct encounter between the community and the different manifestations and assets that together constitute the country’s heritage, with the intention that they appreciate their values, become aware of their vulnerability and … Read more

Family theater, dance, a conference on classical music and the awards for the best mountain athletes, this week in Torrelodones

There are numerous cultural proposals that the program of the House of Culture of Torrelodones during the current week that starts today, Tuesday 13, at 7:30 p.m., in the Multipurpose Room, with the conference given by the cellist Alberto Hernández de Frutos about The Mass in B minor by Juan Sebastian Bachone of the masterpieces … Read more

Peaks, sustainable development and women. The Vatican and FAO’s International Mountain Day

There are some words of faith that also penetrate the hearts of the laity. ““Laudato si’, mi’ Signore”, sang St. Francis of Assisi. In this beautiful canticle, he reminded us that our common home is like a sister, with whom we share our existence, and like a beautiful mother who welcomes us into her arms.”. … Read more

“The speech on the mountain”, don Marco Pozza in search of stories of beatitudes

“The idea comes from a passion of mine – explains Don Marco Pozza -. When I was a student at the classical high school I was in love with Giovanni Verga and since this year falls the centenary of his death I went back to some readings made, above all on the concept of the … Read more

Mountaineering in Transylvania, reinventing the mountain: episode 2/4 of the podcast Sport, a story in motion

Who are the Romanian Saxons? In April 1936, in the bulletin Foreign politic, Nicolas Iorga, former President of the Council of Romania, explains the various hypotheses on the origin of this minority: “According to the pan-Germanic theory, these Saxons, who left the banks of the Moselle, would have stopped on the way and would have … Read more

Monte Sant’Angelo Italian Capital of Culture 2025, “A mountain on the way”

Spirituality, art, quality food and wine, sea and mountains. These are the ingredients that have allowed Monte Sant’Angelo to set out, with an entire territory, and aim to become the “Italian Capital of Culture 2025”. Bringing with it an entire territory and some luxury “allies” “A mountain on the way”. The title of the dossier … Read more

Dinnammare, words and music to rediscover the sacredness of the mountain and the myth of Ulysses

To welcome to Dinnammare the many enthusiasts and connoisseurs, and not only from Messina, who have challenged the thick blanket of clouds lying on the Peloritani ridge, in order not to miss the original cultural event proposed by the Peloritani Museum of Culture and Popular Music, an enchanted landscape, almost surreal, from a sacred mountain, … Read more