There may be a genius near you, but you won’t recognize him by his intelligence

Psychologists have been trying to unravel the personality traits of geniuses for decades They emphasize that a common note to all is their curiosity and their mind “open to experiences” Other experts claim the value of intellectual humility as an indispensable condition of genius Nobody doubts that Mozart He was a wonder since he was … Read more

They recognize the trajectory and work of Fernando Flores in the government of Metepec

In solemn session, the Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics of the State of Mexico (SOMEGEM), awarded the Parchment of Merit “President Adolfo López Mateos” and imposition of Venera de Honor to the mayor of metepec, Fernando Flores Fernandezwho was accompanied by the honorary president of the DIF Municipal System, Iraí Albarrán Segura. According to … Read more

Blog | How to recognize eternal fascism: Umberto Eco explained it and it is our duty to unmask it

by Giuseppe Criaco In his essay on the Eternal fascism, Umberto Eco he wrote “behind a regime and its ideology, there is always a way of thinking and feeling, a series of cultural habits, a nebula of dark instincts and unfathomable impulses”. We must start from these words to understand the outcome of the last … Read more

Betiana Colhuan, the Mapuche leader who does not recognize the Argentine state but charges three social plans

The operation organized by the Minister of Security of the Nation, Hannibal Fernandez, took note of an intriguing Mapuche leader whom he pointed to as the instigator of the most violent reactions of Lof Laftken Winkul. A more detailed analysis, however, revealed gross contradictions between what the “machi” said and her links with the government. … Read more

Economic Tarot: Recognize a good cheap and reliable tarot, advice and guidance

Choose your trusted clairvoyant It can be a difficult process, since it is about choosing the ideal person who will help you with the deepest problems of your soul and that will bring inner peace what you need through spirituality. Here’s how you can recognize a good cheap and reliable tarot with our tips and … Read more