“Battiato is a spiritual guide and a teacher”

Eduardo Laporte began to investigate the same day of Battiato’s death / the Eduardo Laporte | Writer international record fair The author of the unique biography in Spanish of the Italian singer, today presents his book at the International Record Fair The journalist Eduardo Laporte (Pamplona, ​​1979) began writing about Franco Battiato just a few … Read more

“Without shifting, the spiritual guide falls into authoritarianism”


What are the prerequisites for tailored support? Any accompaniment needs some kind of initial contract. “What am I looking for when I come to see a guide? “, “What does he offer me? », « What will be the rhythm and the modalities of the meetings? “. It is also good that it is clearly … Read more

Guide des Festivals classiques et lyriques de l’été 2022 en France

Le Grand Dossier Ôlyrix des Festivals de l’été vous présente chaque année les concerts lyriques qui vous attendent à travers la France (et l’Europe) : un grand tour lyrique des réjouissances artistiques (classées par ordre chronologique de début). Festival de Musique Sacrée et Baroque de Froville du 21 mai au 2 juillet Sept concerts réuniront … Read more

San Gennaro, an audio guide with the voices of Servillo and De Giovanni

The new audio guide of the Chapel and the Treasury of San Gennaro is here. Toni Servillo, Patrizio Rispo, Nunzia Schiano, Maurizio De Giovanni, Don Riccardo Carafa d’Andria and monsignor Vincenzo de Gregorio they are the narrative voices in the Italian and Neapolitan version of “Un Tesoro di audioguida” produced by D’Uva for the Deputation … Read more

Publication: a valuable guide to the megaliths, remarkable rocks and sacred springs of Haute

A guide book on the megaliths, remarkable rocks and sacred springs of Haute-Loire has just been published, the result of research by Bruno Mestre. Less than a year ago, Bruno Mestre released “The pagan Velay, history and mythology” (Ed. de la Flandonnière), a book that looked back on the origins of spirituality in Velay. Continuing … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Spirit Stones, Their Meaning and Properties

In the first moment, the spiritual stones may seem like the latest fashion in the world of well-being and astrology to spread love and good vibes. But after gaining an army of loyal fans, including Miranda Kerr, Adele, Katy Perry and the Gigi and Bella Hadidthese crystals have become a big business backed by many … Read more