Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Stones, Their Meaning and Properties

In the first moment, the spiritual stones may seem like the latest fashion in the wellness universe and astrology to spread love and good vibes. But after gaining an army of loyal fans, including Miranda Kerr, Adele, Katy Perry and the Gigi and Bella Hadidthese crystals have become big business backed by many who claim … Read more

Spiritual directors: the new guide of spirituality without religions

Susan Pannier-Cass, spiritual director and ordained minister, at her home in Chicago on Dec. 11, 2020. (Evan Jenkins/The New York Times) Last spring, after getting divorced, Qadeera Ingram needed someone to talk to. In particular, she wanted to talk about spirituality and the bigger picture of her life. Although Ingram, a 33-year-old government contractor in … Read more

Liturgical Guide for the Funeral Mass of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI | Episcopal Conference of Colombia

Sat 7 Jan 2023 “Creating and strengthening networks, a challenge in evangelization”: Bishop Luis Manuel Alí “The Catholic Church in Colombia, at the national and local level, is experiencing a moment of grace, review and projection, in light of Pope Francis’ call to be a Church in communion, participation and mission”, highlighted Monsignor Luis Manuel … Read more

‘Closures of Toledo’, a unique guide to Toledo convents to help preserve them

At the gates of the convent of Santo Domingo el Antiguo, Sister María awaits with her eternal smile. This nun from India is now one of those responsible for this community and one of the few that inhabits this historic building that she presumes, among other things, to house in her crypt the remains of … Read more

The Pope rescues the teachings of Saint Francis de Sales, “guide of souls”, on the fourth centenary of his death

ROME, Dec. 28 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Pope has compiled the teachings of Saint Francis de Sales, one of the great teachers of French spirituality, considered the patron saint of journalists and a doctor of the Church, on the fourth centenary of his death. Francisco has referred to him as “interpreter of the change of … Read more

À quoi s’attendre du prochain Guide de l’auto?

À partir du 7 janvier, vous pourrez voir sur les ondes de TVA la nouvelle saison du Guide de l’auto, les samedis à 11h30. Pendant 26 semaines, cette émission produite en collaboration avec permettra de découvrir les dernières nouveautés du monde automobile, analysées de fond en comble par notre équipe. Nous avons tenté de … Read more

Leisure guide: panoramas selected for the weekend

Photo: Festival of India Since 1994, when the indian festivala meeting around the culture, traditions and spirituality of this Asian country. It’s about the local version of the Ratha Yatrathe largest cultural festival in India and which has been held there for more than 2,000 years without interruption. And this year it comes to San … Read more

“Without shifting, the spiritual guide falls into authoritarianism”

What are the prerequisites for tailored support? Any accompaniment needs some kind of initial contract. “What am I looking for when I come to see a guide? “, “What does he offer me? », « What will be the rhythm and the modalities of the meetings? “. It is also good that it is clearly … Read more