“Prevention is the key to a long, healthy and happy life” (Janine Knizia

(ETX Daily Up) – Eat healthy, don’t neglect your mental health and play sports, to radiate inside and out. This is the principle on which holistic beauty is based, a concept that has been booming since the health crisis, which Janine Knizia is working to democratize with Muse & Heroine. With an e-shop articulated around … Read more

Shock over the death of Luana Hervier, renowned yoga and healthy lifestyle influencer

Luana Hervier was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She arrived in the country when she was just seven years old (@luanahervier) Luana Hervier’s instagram account has 118 thousand followers. The description says by title “Yoya, development of one’s own heart” and breaks down “online and face-to-face yoga classes, Yoga teacher trainer, deep healing therapist, health … Read more

Laelia Benoit, child psychiatrist: “Anxiety is an inevitable, and even healthy, response to ecological threats”

Anxiety about climate change has a name: eco-anxiety. In France, it concerns nearly 80% of young people and a large number of adults. How not to be devoured by this worry? So as not to panic while watching the burning Amazon rainforest and the dying Australian koalas on Instagram? How not to sink into depression … Read more

Don Bosco di Gallico Oratory: foundation of a healthy and solid community


On Sunday 31 July the youth summer 2022 ended, promoted by the Salesian family and theDon Bosco oratory from Upper Gallic. I wanted, as a parent and member of the Gallico community, to write about this wonderful experience because for those like me who grew up in the northern suburbs of Reggio Calabriain the middle … Read more

Assisi, tomorrow 7 July the forum “Healthy Environment Sacred Environment” on the theme of poverty


ASSISI – All ready for the Forum “Healthy Environment Sacred Environment “by title “Poverty: at the roots of awareness for an economic rebirth”, Which will take place on Thursday 7 July, from 5.30 pm to 7 pm, in the Conciliation Hall of the Municipality of Assisi. They will be Stefania Proietti, mayor of AssisiAnd Friar … Read more

Mandates: Princess Amalia decided to ignore it and go her own way; Is it healthy to break with tradition?


The princess Amalia from Holland He became the center of world attention in recent days after announcing his latest decision: break with the family mandate and not study at the same university as their predecessors. The 18-year-old girl has communicated through the Information Service of the Royal House (RVD) that after finishing her sabbatical year, … Read more