Pitty, the celebrity numerologist: due to health problems, she decided to change her life and start a great transformation

Over time, her predictions became great successes and positioned her as the leading numerologist for celebrities. Of Arab roots, Verónica Asad -better known as Pitty, the numerologist- She is one of the most respected and recognized in her profession in Argentina and several celebrities such as Isabel Macedo, Nicole Neumann, Laurita Fernández and Wanda Nara … Read more

Why Sarah Mintz decided to return to soap operas after leaving them for her religion

Sarah Mintz, formerly known as Maritza Rodriguezis a famous actress, because she played the role of villain of various soap operas. A few years ago, she announced that he was retiring from show business, but now he’s back for a new project. The Colombian interpreter has participated in several titles such as “Amantes del desierto” … Read more

Mandates: Princess Amalia decided to ignore it and go her own way; Is it healthy to break with tradition?

The princess Amalia from Holland He became the center of world attention in recent days after announcing his latest decision: break with the family mandate and not study at the same university as their predecessors. The 18-year-old girl has communicated through the Information Service of the Royal House (RVD) that after finishing her sabbatical year, … Read more