The new Nostradamus predicts an inevitable tragedy: “It will arrive this 2023”

Since many years, Human beings have felt the need to know what the future holds for them; and with the passage of time, characters have appeared who predicted certain events and were right, as is the case of the 1503 French Physician, Nostradamus. Now, Craig Hamilton-Parker, colloquially known as the new Nostradamus, He has caught … Read more

Laelia Benoit, child psychiatrist: “Anxiety is an inevitable, and even healthy, response to ecological threats”

Anxiety about climate change has a name: eco-anxiety. In France, it concerns nearly 80% of young people and a large number of adults. How not to be devoured by this worry? So as not to panic while watching the burning Amazon rainforest and the dying Australian koalas on Instagram? How not to sink into depression … Read more