Fathers Alphonse and André Quenum Foundation: Official launch of activities

Founded to immortalize the works of Roman Catholic priests Alphonse and André Quenum, the eponymous foundation officially launched its activities this Thursday, December 1, 2022, at the Paul VI Center in Cotonou. Father Alphonse is Father André Quenum’s uncle. Both “marked their time on earth in an indelible way” according to the ambassador of the … Read more

The commemoration of the 550th anniversary of the foundation of the Monastery of Santa Isabel begins in Valladolid

VALLADOLID, Nov. 14 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Poor Clares of Santa Isabel commemorate the 550th anniversary of the foundation of the Valladolid monastery with a program that begins this Monday, at 8:15 p.m., with a presentation by the priest, researcher of Art History and coordinator of the event, Guillermo Camino. In addition to Guillermo, Sister … Read more

The installation of Tai Shani produced by the Carla Fendi Foundation and by Mahler LeWitt Studios for Spoleto64 rearranged in the London collective “The Horror Show!”

Marina Mahler – Maria Teresa Venturini Fendi – Carol LeWitt LONDON – “The Neon Hieroglyph “ is the title of the artist’s installation British Tai Shani, winner of the Turner Prize, produced from the Carla Fendi Foundation and Mahler & LeWitt Studiosmade for Spoleto64 Festival of the Two Worlds. The sculptural work has now been … Read more

Carla Fendi Foundation: the work exhibited in Spoleto


There Carla Fendi Foundation collaborates with i Mahler & LeWitt Studios for contemporary art projects. This synergy arises from the will of Maria Teresa Venturini Fendi, President of the Foundationto make a contribution to the precious activity of the Studios in the city of Spoleto, financing the production of works by contemporary artists and a … Read more

Carispaq Foundation, presented the docufilm “Celestino V, a Pope out of this world”


L’Aquila. There Carispaq Foundation presented the docufilm yesterday afternoon at the Park Auditorium “CELESTINE V a Pope out of this world” directed by Cinzia TH Torrini and Ralph Palka. The work was produced by Cassiopea Film Production and from Pescarabruzzo Foundation. The film reconstructs the last years of the hermit’s life through interventions by historical … Read more

Giorgio Cini Foundation: for 70 years a ‘free port’ of culture, art and the encounter between civilizations


San Giorgio in Venice is much more than an island: extraordinarily beautiful and located in the most panoramic place of the city, right in front of the San Marco basin, San Giorgio means a Benedictine monastery that has over a thousand years of life, the majestic Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore, designed by Andrea Palladio, … Read more

Mcl: Assisi, from 1 to 3 September the three days of formation and spirituality to prepare for the 50th anniversary of the foundation | AgenSIR


(photo Mcl) “As the 50th anniversary of the foundation approaches, we want to reaffirm our identity as an ecclesial, social and popular movement with a pilgrimage to Assisi. The three days in the Land of Francis, with the convocation of the national and territorial leaders of the Mcl, we intend to confirm our belonging to … Read more

From David Bowie to Jorge Luis Borges, the labyrinths in history | Proa Foundation Sample


The idea of ​​the labyrinths that throughout human history has permeated the most diverse artistic, literary and cinematographic creations is explored in the brand new Fundación Proa exhibition, entitled labyrinthswhich investigates through works of art on this theme already present from the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, and which has evidenced different perceptions around … Read more

Cáritas and the ‘El Sembrador’ Foundation assume the management of the ‘El Sahúco’ shelter


The hostel-colony of El Sahúco, property of the Bishopric of Albacete, has gathered for many generations thousands of people, children and young people in its colonies, especially in summer. This hostel is located in an area of ​​the district of El Sahúco, next to the Sanctuary of Christ of El Sahúco, 15 kilometers from the … Read more

Don Bosco di Gallico Oratory: foundation of a healthy and solid community


On Sunday 31 July the youth summer 2022 ended, promoted by the Salesian family and theDon Bosco oratory from Upper Gallic. I wanted, as a parent and member of the Gallico community, to write about this wonderful experience because for those like me who grew up in the northern suburbs of Reggio Calabriain the middle … Read more